8 Benefits of Having a Stay-at-Home Husband

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lauren and I am so excited to be posting here on ibeatdebt.com.

A little bit about myself, I am 29 years old, stuck with a mountain of student loan debt, and supporting my fiancé financially while he stays at home. Not a recipe for the easiest financially situation…

I started the blog, FinanciallyFreeEverAfter.com to talk about my situation and my journey to financial independence. One of my most popular blog posts is about tips for living on one income. I thought in this post I would share with you some of the benefits of being a one income household.

These perks are especially relevant if you are like me, a woman who is working while your partner stays at home. So often women join the workforce and take on that responsibility while still being the ones to take care of the home front. It can be exhausting, having so much on your plate.

The Decision to Support My Partner Financially

When I made the decision to support my partner financially it was hard. A lot of questions and concerns ran through my mind. I don’t think I had a single positive thought about our financial arrangement. That was wrong of me because after living this way for the past 8 months there are some real positives about having a partner stay at home full time. Below are some of the benefits I have found to having my partner stay at home while I worked.

Benefits of having Your Partner Home Full-Time 

I Don’t Have to Clean!

Oh my I did not realize how wonderful it would be to come home to a clean house! My fiancé does a lot of the day to day cleaning. He probably does a better job at cleaning than I do and it is one thing that is taken off my plate.

He Does The Cooking!

Talking about plates…It is so nice to come home to dinner being made. I totally understand why 1950s husbands wanted dinner on the table when they came home. I need to be honest, several times a week I still cook but that is because I love to cook. Often times we cook a new recipe together and it the most amazing quality time. I think I have developed an even deeper love of cooking because I don’t have to do it.

We Spend More Quality Time Together

If we were both working there is a good chance that we would be working on different schedules of have work events that we have to go to all the time. Since I am the only one working, we only have to deal with my schedule. If I have a day off, he has it off too!

He Understands the Mental Load of the Home

One thing that surprised me was how much better my partner and I relate to each other after the experience of him taking care of the house. I feel like he understands the mental load of everything that comes with keeping the home running smoothly. Before this experience I don’t think it crossed his mind what all needs to be done and the mental checklists you create when things need to get done.

We Have Become a Team

Our team mentality has really come together since living together. We are both contributing in our own ways for the benefit of our relationship and livelihood. In a way I feel like if we have both been working full-time we would have a more individual mindset about our life together. By having to share resources and responsibility it has created a communal bond.

We Are Learning to Live on One Income

It is important for us that when we have a family one of us is able to stay at home with the children. With my fiancé not working now we are learning how to live on one income and the importance of having a budget.

We are Budgeting Ninjas

I am a lot more frugal than the fiancé and him not working has been an adjustment for him to adopt a simpler lifestyle. We learn to enjoy staying in together and doing simple of free things for entertainment. It has made the times we go out to a restaurant so much more fun and exciting or the times we go out for an event all the more entertaining because we don’t do that stuff very often.

We Learned the Importance of Being Free From Debt

With living together on a tight budget, we have come to the decision to minimize/eliminate our debts as much as possible. The boyfriend wants to spend as much time at home and around people he cares about as possible. Work for him is a mandatory separation from the things he finds important. With the mindset to minimize work as much as possible you need to minimize your bills. Having debt does not fit into the equation so we must get rid of it.

Final Take Away

So many times when a woman works outside the home she is still responsible for the cooking, cleaning, etc. By reversing the stereotype and having my man stay home he takes those responsibilities. When I get home from work my nights are free because he has already taken care of everything.

I am not saying this arrangement will be something we do long term. I am working myself to become self-employed and be able to work from home. When we decide to have children I would love to be able to be home with them.

Wherever you are in your financial journey, I hope you can find benefits or perks to what you are doing! If you are interested, please check out my blog, FinanciallyFreeEverAfter.com where you can see more about my journey to financial independence.


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