About me

Hi everyone, my name is Vicky. I’m a 30-something year old living in West Wiltshire. I work full time, and have done since I was 18. Through a run of circumstances (some of which were out of my control, some less so) I ended up in debt. After hiding my head in the sand for long enough I finally realised that I was in a mess and didn’t know how to get out of it. I therefore set about sorting things out for myself. You can find out more about my debt story by clicking here.

Debt is a really serious subject, and I’m not here to try and minimise the effects of it, but I want to tackle it with a smile on my face. I came through the other side and I’m incredibly thankful for this. I’m happy to try pretty much anything to make a bit of money on the side and share my adventures with you as I go.

Long term I would love to cut down my hours working for other people, or even one day work solely for myself. It’s early days though and at the moment some extra money so I can build up some savings, and maybe even go on my dream trip to Alaska would be amazing.

What sets me apart from other money bloggers?

I actually have a whole post about this, but in summary, I’m not just frugal or thrifty, I’ve lived through debt. I reached rock bottom when my debit card got declined as I hit my overdraft limit and had no clue as I was hiding my head in the sand. I went through the stage of not opening my post, I went through not telling friends or family what was going on as I was embarassed. I’ve been through it and I’ve come out the other side. If me writing on this site shows other people that they can get through it, and signposts them to some great resources and agencies able to help them then my work is done!

ibeatdebt.com was set up because there are so many tools and resources that are available to help make extra money. Whether you are looking at clearing some debt, want to make some extra money to keep afloat, or because you are saving for the holiday of a lifetime, this site is for you. I will share my debt story, and now that I am out of debt, my favourite ways of making and saving money.

I’m a rather lazy person so nothing on this site will involve too much effort, but equally, I do believe that if you want something that badly you do need to work at it. I’m at the end of an email if you need help or advice. Please remember that I am not a financial adviser and if you are struggling with debt please check out my blog post about finding yourself in debt for advice and resources you can and should access. By all means reach out to me – especially if you don’t feel you can talk to anyone close to you, but I may well have to signpost you elsewhere.

If you are struggling, know that you can reach out to someone qualified to talk to you 24 hours a day via the Samaritans.