Christmas Cash Challenge – Week 1

Hi! Welcome to Part One of my Christmas Cash Challenge! According to statistics released last year, the average Brit spends over £820 on Christmas – and that is over and above their usual expenditure. This will include presents, travel, food, drink and decorations. That is a huge amount to have to find every single year.

Some people save all year, and some people wing it at the last minute. Today it is 12 weeks until Christmas Eve, and so it is the start of my 12 week challenge to make or save enough money to cover those costs. 12 weeks is 84 days – so we only need to have a daily target of £10. That might sound a lot – but I am going to share lots of hints and tips and I truly believe these will all add up enough! Some of these you might already be doing or know about, and some will be new to you. You should try whichever appeal to you and feel doable. If that figure doesn’t fit with your circumstances, feel free to set your own target – larger or smaller!

Some of the links that are included in this challenge will be referral or affiliate links – this means I get a small cash bonus or commission if you join the service/buy a product. I’m totally fine if you want to just find your way to the sites yourself, but if you do use the link then thank you – as it helps me cover the costs of running the site! Just remember that I would never recommend anything to you which I’ve not tried and tested myself – and if you have any queries or questions at any point, just drop me a line.

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As it is day one, we are going to start with something really simple, and yet you can earn £50 in a matter of minutes. Some people are put off the idea of switching energy providers as they have been made to believe it is really complicated and a lot of effort. The fact is that the process is quick and simple and you can switch in just a few minutes. I have always checked at the end of a contract whether I am on the best tariff for my usage or not, and have switched on a reasonably regular basis. When I moved into my house I took out a one year fixed tariff contract because as I had no usage records, I didn’t know how to find a better deal.  I’ve not been overly happy with them, and them not cancelling or turning up for a smart meter installation was the final straw. I’d heard loads of great things Bulb and was keen to know more. I looked on their website, and not only was their price better, but they would pay for any exit fees to a current provider – you just have to send in a copy of your final bill! They provide 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas so you are saving the planet whilst saving money – it’s a win win! Not only that but if you use my referral link – you will get a £50 credit on your account, as will I!

Your homework is to investigate Bulb and using your bills, see if they can save you money or not. Want a bit more choice – check your usage on a comparison site and they can also make recommendations (but you probably won’t get that £50 bonus)!

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