Christmas Cash Challenge 10

How did you get on with your receipt snapping? It’s so quick and easy right? It’s a slow burner but it will add up. You can do it in the evening in front of the TV so it’s worth keeping at it.

Now, much as I wish I could make you all rich at the wave of a wand, I can’t! Firstly, I’m not rich, and secondly it doesn’t work like that (unfortunately). You will need to put some efforts in to turn around your finances or make that extra money. Saying that, I know how hard it is when you are working full time, or have busy lives, and your spare time is small and valuable. That’s why this week is another thing you can do which is quick and easy and can be done in front of the TV, or on the bus, or wherever you have 2 minutes. There are loads of task apps available, whereby you complete tasks or quick quizzes and earn points which in turn can earn you rewards and cash bonuses, and I’m going to show you my favourites.

Vypr – this is one of my favourites. All the “steers” are picture based. Some of them are one question, and some of them are more. They also sometimes have ones that are worth many more points if you complete in store (you will need your location settings enabled on your device).

BeMyEye – this is a great app for tasks to complete whilst out and about. They are usually things like taking photos of displays in shops. You can check the location and instructions for each task before reserving the job. Use referral code q7gkvk to get a £1 bonus after you complete your first job of over £1.

CitizenMe gives you quick questions or surveys. So far I’ve not had many for cash, mainly it’s to build my profile, but whenever I do get one for cash, the money is in my PayPal account within minutes of the survey finishing – so no waiting for a minimum withdrawal amount.

Sweatcoin – an app you install on your smart phone, which links to your phone and works out how many outside steps you do each day. For each of these you earn points and these build up in your account. You can then save these up and trade in your “Sweatcoins” for offers via the app. You can log in to the app daily to earn bonuses by completing tasks or watching an advert, but you don’t have to. You can just leave the app there building up your credit. I’ll be honest, I’ve not earnt enough for any of the decent offers on there, and there is a daily limit as to how many coins you can earn each day, but for something to just leave on your phone and requires minimal effort it’s definitely worth a go.

There are plenty of other money making apps, so it’s worth having a browse in the app store or getting recommendations from people you know. Each earns money in different ways so you can find one that works for you and your lifestyle. It’s worth checking out the eBook 50 iPhone apps to earn cash which is available for 99p in the Kindle book store for more ideas.

Homework for this week is to investigate the apps and download a couple which you think might work for you and have a go with them!

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