Christmas Cash Challenge 11

How did you get on with the apps? Any you particularly like?

The end is in sight for our challenge now. Here’s another one that is a little controversial. How happy are you with your bank? Very few people love, or even like their banks. I’m no financial advisor, and I can’t recommend specific financial products for you, but if you are savvy and shop around, you’d be surprised at the amazing deals or offers that you can find just for switching your current account. Switching current accounts is actually really easy and quick – and usually your new bank will do everything for you and the current account switch service guarantees no missed payments.

Offers which are available at the time of writing include Halifax offering £75 to switch to them and meet their minimum criteria. Various banks offer forms of cashback on purchases including Natwest and Santander– so depending on your spending habits, one of these might be really good for you. If you are regularly overdrawn, some banks will offer 0% interest on your overdraft or the first chunk of it, as of today, these include Nationwide and FirstDirect. Some banks are also able to include free rewards such as insurance so it is definitely worth shopping around. None of these links to banks are referral or affiliate links – I’m just sharing them as they are on the face of it good offers. You should research which would be most beneficial to you and whether it is worth switching or not.

In fact, that’s your homework. Have a look at some of these accounts online and look at what they can offer you. Are they better than your current bank? If so, maybe it’s time to switch. Just remember that if you go in to branch and ask to talk to them about any of their products, ultimately they want to sell you their products so do as much research from home as you can first.


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