Christmas Cash Challenge 3

How did you get on with signing up for cashback sites and looking at the offers available? Did you manage to get any of the free cashback deals. It might not seem a lot, but trust me it all adds up!

Anyway, onto the next thing! This one requires a little more effort, but it’s honestly a fun and easy way of making extra money – and you can do it as and when you have a few spare minutes. It’s survey sites! My favourite is most definitely Prolific Academic. Their surveys are part of research studies and are therefore usually interesting and meaningful. It can take a little while to join up and get going – but you are filling out information which will mean you shouldn’t then be screened out of surveys later on and are only offered ones which you are eligible for.

Some of my other favourite survey sites include:

Swagbucks – this one includes doing surveys, questions and activites and you save up your “Swagbucks” and then redeem them for anything from charitable donations, through to Paypal cash in your account.

PureProfile is another great survey site. They are in the process of revamping their site but it’s a massive improvement – there are surveys and quick quizzes.

Branded Surveys – formerly known as Mintvine, another survey site, sometimes the surveys seem a little random, but if you have time to kill in front of the TV it is definitely worth checking out.

OnePoll – lots of quick tasks and questions and the rewards soon add up. Definitely worth a try!

So your homework for this week is to sign up for at least one of these sites and see if surveys might be something that you can get in to. If you are going to only sign up for one – Prolific Academic is the definitely the best one – I have earnt over £260 through them – and enjoyed every minute!

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