Christmas Cash Challenge 9

How did you get on with the blogging week? My intention was never to put you off giving it a go – but I want to be realistic about expectations and the fact that it can be hard work. If you have decided you want to give it a go, I look forward to seeing your new blogs soon!

As last week was a big one, I’ve decided to go easy on you this week. It’s about snapping pictures of your receipts. These apps are different to Shopmium which I’ve mentioned earlier, as you have to make specific purchases in order to earn the cashback with that

, but with these apps, you can snap any and every receipt. In my opinion the two best apps for this are Shoppix and ReceiptHog. Have a look in the App Store. In short, you use your phone’s camera to take pictures and upload your receipts to the app. You are then rewarded with coins/tokens, which after building up, you can then exchange for cash or shopping vouchers. They both have slightly different criteria, and rewards systems, but what I tend to do is do my receipts at the end of each day if I have any, (as you get extras in Shoppix if you upload the receipts on the day of purchase). It takes about two minutes to do it, and whilst it’s again not going to make you rich overnight, it does add up, particularly if you have a large household and lots of regular purchases. Use referral code AXA2YE5A when you join Shoppix to get 200 bonus tokens to set you off on your way to your first withdrawal.

Homework this week – download one or both of the apps and snap any receipts lurking in your purse/wallet/handbag/pockets! It’s worth snapping them all if you aren’t sure as they will just reject any if they don’t count.

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