Christmas Cash Challenge

make money for christmas

Love Christmas but hate the expense? Always find December and January the hardest months of the year for all things money? Then you need to sign up for my first ever Christmas Cash Challenge!

According to statistics released last year, the average Brit spends over £820 on Christmas – and that is over and above their usual expenditure. This will include presents, travel, food, drink and decorations. That is a huge amount to have to find every single year.

Some people save all year, and some people wing it at the last minute. Starting on Monday 1st October, for 12 weeks, I will be running a 12 week challenge to make or save enough money to cover those costs. 12 weeks is 84 days – so we only need to have a daily target of £10. That might sound a lot – but I am going to share lots of hints and tips that I truly believe these will all add up enough to cover this! Some of these you might already be doing or know about, and some will be new to you. You should try whichever appeal to you and feel doable.

Some of the links that are included in this challenge will be referral or affiliate links – this means I get a small cash bonus or commission if you join the service/buy a product. I’m totally fine if you want to just find your way to the sites yourself, but if you do use the link then thank you – as it helps me cover the costs of running the site! Just remember that I would never recommend anything to you which I’ve not tried and tested myself – and if you have any queries or questions at any point, just drop me a line.

To take part in the Christmas Cash Challenge, sign up here:

As part of the journey, pop on over to my new Mastering Money Facebook group where we can encourage each other and chat!

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