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I take my Cristmas sandwiches very seriously. Whilst for the rest of the year I would encourage people to save their money by taking their own lunches, from the minute they hit the shelves, sometimes as early as September, I make it my job to do research and workout what is the BEST Christmas sandwich on the market. Here’s my rundown of the ones I’ve tried so far!

Subway Christmas Cracker Sub

The Subway Christmas Cracker Sub was my first ever hot Christmas sandwich. The fillings are The new Christmas Cracker Sub turkey, bacon, cranberry & orange chutney, pork & sage stuffing and gravy. As with all Subway Subs, you can have it on your choice of breads, and customise it with added fillings. To be fair to my research – I had it exactly as it comes, on Hearty Italian bread. It was nice, the chutney was surprisingly good (I’m usually old school with just straight up cranberry sauce) and the turkey and bacon were delicious. I think the fact that the sandwich was hot and had gravy threw me off though. I had a voucher and so a friend and I had one each for half the price (we used a BOGOF voucher) and if I’d paid full price I think I would have been very disappointed. For half the price I would say it is not bad.

Rating 6/10

Marks & Spencer’s Turkey Feast

M&S always has a great selection of Christmas sandwiches, but I sampled the Turkey feast sandwich as to me that is a proper Christmas sandwich. Soft brown bread, juicy filling, and nice cranberry sauce. Overall it was very nice, but for some reason this year I would say it just wasn’t particularly amazing.

Rating 7/10

ASDA’s Turkey and Trimmings Sandwich

I was pleasantly surprised by this sandwich. On the whole this year I have been underwhelmed with the supermarket Christmas Sandwiches. This includes “pigs under blankets” made of Cumberland sausage and port sauce. Soft fresh bread, with really tasty filling, definitely one of my favourites of the high street choices.

Rating 8/10

Tesco Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich

I was hoping for something good from Tesco this year but I was really underwhelmed with this sandwich. The filling was on the stingy side and it didn’t all go together as well as I had hoped. Something just wasn’t great about his one. It was edible, but I just didn’t particularly enjoy it.

Rating 4/10

Morrisons Christmas Feast

As Christmas sandwiches go, this was the worst one I had this year. It was really bland and the flavours just didn’t complement each other well at all. Such a shame as I had high hopes. I did debate getting the Christmas Yorkshire Pudding wrap instead, but the filling looked minimal and I didn’t fancy a cold yorkshire pudding.

Rating 1/10

Aldi’s Deep Fill Christmas Sandwich

As the cheapest sandwich I sampled, I didn’t have high hopes, but I have to say Aldi have blown some of their more expensive competition out of the water. There is lots of filling, the flavours complement each other really well and the bread is really soft and tasted a little different. All in all, one of my favourites.

Rating 8/10

Overall, whilst I have already sampled a wide range of Christmas sandwiches and there is still a month to go until Christmas, I was feeling over all rather underwhelmed. Yes some sandwiches were better than others, but there aren’t any that would make me shout about them. That was until I tried my local sandwich shop near work and had their turkey special. It seems a little unfair to compare a small, independent sandwich bar with large scale produced and processed sandwiches but I have tried their sandwich and it is the BEST! A fresh white baguette, with turkey, cranberry, crispy onions and stuffing. Their sandwiches (I may have had it more than once now) are always delicious and definitely worth the price. If you ever find yourself in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, check them out – otherwise I would say it is a tie between Asda and Aldi!




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