How to get Wuntu

My post about getting O2 priority for free (even if you aren’t with O2) is one of my most popular posts on Did you know that Three now do something very similar though? It is called Wuntu!  Here’s how to get Wuntu – by popping over to their website and requesting a free sim. At the time of writing, you can download the app on any phone, although you should set it up when you have the sim in your phone. Just pop the sim in, download the app and activate it using the telephone number of your new sim and then once it’s all set up, you can put your normal sim back in.

Some of my favourite deals that from Wuntu by Three are:

Free individual Domino’s Pizzas:

how to get wuntu

Pizza or Pasta for a Fiverr from Bella Italia:

and (yes there’s a theme running here) free popcorn at Luna Cinemas:

I’ve also had free hot drinks from Costa, and loads of money saving offers as well as competitions and prize draws made available to me through the app. It’s all done through the app and each offer has instructions and information alongside. Best of all – it’s not just food and drink. At time of writing, currently available is a three month magazine subscription for 99p, 8 free ebooks or audio books from BookChoice, 25% off beauty and hair at FabYouLess, discounts on airport parking and £15 free travel money if you sign up with a new money transfer and exchange app. There really is a bit of everything on there and there is bound to be something which is relevant for you. As you can get a sim for free I really would recommend getting it and keeping it installed on your phone as you never know when you might need a money off deal or promo code. You can even turn on notifications so the app alerts you when the best deals go live, or are coming up (the notification that free pizza Wednesday is coming is most definitely my favourite as it isn’t every week).

Get your sim here and see what freebies and discounts you can get and let me know in the comments below!

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