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Weddings are famously expensive, with the average cost of a UK wedding now reaching well over £20,000, this is out of reach for a lot of couples. Unless you are Harry & Meghan, and expecting the world’s media you don’t need it to be the best wedding ever – you need it to be the perfect wedding for you and your partner. You are the people that matter and that is what you should hold on to whilst planning your big day.

The biggest expense will be your venue – so find a venue like those from Bijou Weddings where they will work with you to help you co-ordinate what you need and not overspend on things you don’t.

Here’s some other great ways of cutting costs on your dream wedding – without cutting back on atmosphere and enjoyment:

  • Be selective about the guest list – you don’t need to invite everyone who has ever invited you to their wedding. Will you notice if the person isn’t there? Will you miss them if they are not? If the answer is no – then scratch them off the list!
  • Don’t have an open bar! Perhaps get a package where drinks for the toast is included, but on the whole, no-one needs an open bar – and if people are there just to get drunk, then let them pay for it themselves, why should you lose out?
  • Do you really need 20 bridesmaids and groomsmen? If not, then explain to your friends that you are having one or two, and they should understand. If you really feel you do – how about giving them a colour and telling them they can wear what they like within a theme. Asking them to pay for their own outfits isn’t really an acceptable option – if you can’t afford to pay for it, why should you expect them to, but perhaps there is some sort of compromise.
  • A glamourous international honeymoon can be very appealing, but at the same time as paying for a wedding this can really break the bank. How about a staycation for your honeymoon, and then celebrate your first anniversary with the dream trip later on. This will give you a chance to save up the money and not put you under excessinve financial pressures.
  • Wedding dresses can cost a small fortune, but yours doesn’t need to. There are plenty of amazing places where you can buy gowns at a fraction of the price. Check online for discount wedding dresses or even preloved ones. Some of these are as good as new, and only worn for a few hours – if at all, and some of them are in absolutely pristine condition, they are just last season’s styles.
  • Get creative – from invitations, to flowers and centre pieces. The minute a supplier finds out that the items are for a wedding, the price jumps up exponentially. Making or designing as many of these things as you can can drastically cut costs, as well as giving your special day a really personal and bespoke feel. That is worth more than any cash amount!

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