Identifying the right mattress for your needs

Identifying The Right Mattress For Your Needs

In the past, those shopping for mattresses likely had to decide between water beds, innerspring varieties and perhaps the occasional memory foam offering. Nowadays, the choices on the market are far more varied. Mattress manufacturers have gone to great lengths to provide consumers with a range of alternatives including gel-infused memory foam, hybrid versions and pillow top mattresses to suit every sleep style and body type.

Innerspring Mattresses

This type of mattress represents the most conventional choice and the option that made up the lion’s share of sales in past decades. Beds of this sort make use of steel coil bundles designed to provide necessary support for sleepers. These springs help evenly distribute body weight during slumber and as it moves around. Some of the most typical styles of coils include free-movement coils, continuous coils, Bonnell coil groupings and the like.

Innerspring coils are encased in fabric upholstery intended to offer comfortable cushioning. In order to get the very best back support possible, shoppers are encouraged to purchase their innerspring mattress together with its matching box-spring structure.

Options In Memory Foam

The popularity of memory foam mattresses has skyrocketed in recent years. NASA was responsible for creating the specialized viscoelastic polyurethane material back in the 70s. Though it was initially meant to serve as a protective cushion for astronauts against the g-forces experienced at lift-off, a Swedish foam maker appreciated its qualities and used it to develop a memory foam bed option in the 90s.

It was not long before memory foam mattresses gained a significant following due to their tremendous knack for supporting and contouring to the shape of each sleeper. This is ideal for alleviating pains and aches due to pressure on the body. The negative feedback about early versions of memory foam mattresses largely consisted of complaints that the beds remained too hot and were therefore uncomfortable.

Since then, memory foam advances have made for options that integrate cooling technology designed to facilitate a comfortable night’s sleep. This has been achieved with no loss of support, making these products extremely desirable among those seeking a new mattress.

Natural Latex

Given the greater interest in organic and natural materials, it is not a surprise that latex mattress options have attained an impressive following of late. Made from natural rubber plants, these choices provide impressive comfort and cooling that rivals a memory foam bed. Latex materials are used to create foam that can contour the body in a responsive manner. Many so-called hybrid mattresses are in fact blends of memory foam and latex.

Mattress Hybrids

Hybrids in the mattress world are exactly what you think. They are combinations of multiple bedding materials. Memory foam together with latex is an especially common blend. The Keetsa mattress and similar styles link the best of both worlds to produce an outstanding level of comfort and support.

A hybrid can also be made from foam together with coil construction. Blended mattresses are intended to incorporate the finest attributes of more than one style of bedding to achieve the best possible comfort and customization. When created from a distinct type of material than they main mattress body, a pillow top mattress can actually fall into the hybrid category. The additional cushioned layer can be just what the doctor ordered.

Fully Adjustable Options

Though technically a mattress base, an adjustable bed is something that should always be on a shopper’s radar. These bases are great for use in conjunction with an array of foam mattress options. Not unlike hospital beds in their functionality, this type of furniture has the ability to provide leg, arm and head mobility as required.

Those who experience serious back and leg pain often find an adjustable bed to be the right solution for their situations. Sleeping in a reclined posture is something that works wonders for many, along with the heat and massage capabilities with which many adjustable beds are equipped.

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