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Today I’m going to talk about something a bit different, you are selling something – basically, yourself! Let me explain! Whatever you are good at, there will be someone else who can’t do it, or hates doing it, or for whatever reason, can’t do it. You need to find your strength and sell it. Selling your skills can be a great way of making extra money! You might not even realise yet that what you have is sellable. A great place to start is sites like Fiverr – people list jobs that they can do, for a fixed price, and then other people buy the “gig” there and then. Whilst there are loads and loads of “gigs” on there which cost a fiver (well, $5 which is just over £4 according to today’s exchange rate) there are also loads of jobs listed for every price, even up to several hundred pounds. This is great as if the thing you can sell is not something that can be done in a few minutes, or you would make a loss at a low price, you can sell at a higher price. Things to remember though are that as a new seller, it will be slow, and you may have to start off with lower prices than you would like to get customers and some feedback on the board. The vast majority of these tasks are digital ones which can be completed online. To give you an idea of what you can sell – here are five of my favourite gig titles that I have come across whilst browsing – and I promise that these are all 100% legitimately on the site! “I will retouch selfies”, “I Will Talk, Listen, Or Give Advice About Any Topic”, “I Will Make You A Custom Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter”, “I will pick your lottery numbers – ducks will pick them” and “I will cast a prosper and increase money spell”.

I’m not going to lie – whilst researching this – I found a lot of very weird stuff on there, but hopefully it has at least give you some ideas. There’s also a lot of really good stuff on there – so go and have a look at what “gigs” you can find that you might be able to deliver!.

People Per Hour – Another great platform for selling your services is People Per Hour (PPH). It’s more of a hub for freelancers, but that’s effectively what you are if you sell through one of these sites and is therefore seen by some as more professional than Fiverr. It’s basically a very similar concept, you can offer jobs or gigs and people buy them if that’s what they are needing. You can also put in bids or tenders (they call it proposals) for jobs that other people are needing done for them. If you sign up via my link you can get £30 free credit – so if there’s a task you need help with, now might be a great time to look in to it! Or you could just blow the credit on getting your selfies retouched (yes that is available on there)! 😉

Not convinced about selling your time online, have you thought about getting a part time job or extra hours at work? How about pet sitting or dog walking? There’s always babysitting or bar work? Whatever your schedule, there’s bound to be something so have a look on local job boards or your local Facebook groups. Check out other ways of making money here.

Have a think about what your strengths and skills are and try to find out if there is any need for them (there almost certainly will be). If you feel comfortable and ready – try and list a gig on one of those sites, or even through a local selling site like Gumtree.

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