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I recently took up photography and haven’t looked back. I had recently traded in some technology and games that I don’t use any more and by using store credit, I got a higher value for my items. I had always wanted to learn more about photography (I have always loved taking photos but always just pointed and snapped) so I decided to get a DSLR camera. This camera was second hand, so with my vouchers for the traded in items, it only cost me £5. The great thing about photography is that once you have the camera, that’s your costs done. Gone are the days of sending off every roll of film to be developed. You can snap away, delete the bad ones, and print a few as and when you need them. 

I recently did a beginners photography course, but of course, you don’t have to do something like that. I wanted to learn how to do the kind of photos where the background (or foreground depending on the subject) is blurry and out of focus, but now I know the basics, I am more confident at trying the different settings and just having a go (again, being able to delete the bad ones is great as there are a lot of them)! This is one of the pics I took on that first day out practicing with the new camera:

I’m not saying it’s the greatest photo you will ever see, but I was so excited to be learning about doing that kind of effect.

I’m not a particularly creative or artistic person and I’m doing it purely as a hobby and to learn a new skill, but the other great thing about photography is that you can make money from it (should you wish to). Down the line you can either become a freelance photographer (I mean people are always looking for family photographers nearby for memory recording and gifts), sell your photos (check out Save the Student for a great post about this) or even get a job as a paid photographer.

Whether you want to make money from it, or just want a new hobby, you’d be surprised the fun you can have through photography and also in the long run it’s a pretty cost effective hobby too!

Happy snapping!

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