Position yourself for a promotion and a payrise

I think we can be fairly safe to say that there aren’t many people that land a new job and hope to still be in that job ten years later. Whether you’re higher up in the same time, moved to a different department, or working for a new company, we all want to progress and improve our careers. Not only does it make you more money, but it will make your life more enjoyable and exciting. When you have new challenges and can further your career, it should bring you happiness too.

With that in mind, how come so many people do stay in the same role for such a long time? No ambitions to improve or just lack of a knowledge of how to go about it? The latter sounds more likely in all honesty. So if that sounds like you and you’re not sure where to go with your career, then here are some things to help you get onto the next step.

Are You Excelling?

It is going to be hard for your boss to even have you on their radar for a promotion if you’re not currently doing all that you can and excelling in your current role. The chances are that you’re a little bored of the job, but don’t let that show. Work hard, and be talking to the right people, to express that you’re interested in taking it to the next level to get a promotion and a payrise.

What Skills Are Lacking?

If there are some skills or qualifications required for a promotion in the company you’re in, then what are you doing about getting qualified? There will be no offer of a job if you’re not qualified, no matter how hard you work. It could be something like looking for some local Microsoft Excel classes to hone your skills in your spare time, or speaking to your line manager for some more formal qualifications. If your employer is able, they could even help you to cover the costs. So again, keep communication open and make sure you’re talking to the people in the know.

Are You Acting Professional?

Acting and dressing the part in your work environment can be half of the battle. But professionalism extends further from what you wear to work. The manner that you in the workplace and the way you communicate can go a long way. Senior management will be much more likely to imagine you in a senior role if you’re taking your job seriously. You can still have a personality! Just make sure you’re professional when you need to be.

Have You Communicated Your Goals?

If your line manager is any good, they will know of what you want to do and what you’re aiming for in your career through regular meetings. But if this isn’t happening, then make sure that you are arranging those meetings yourself. Talk to your boss about what your goals are and if they have advice on the route you can take to get there.

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