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What is Zeek?

I was lucky enough to be given some credit to try out Zeek. I have to be honest, a few months ago I had never heard of this site. The premise is simple. It was created so that people can sell on unwanted gift cards. The creators came up with the idea of the site as so many gift cards and vouchers expire unused and are therefore a waste.

Zeek allows you to sell unwanted gift cards for cash. You do get less cash than your gift card is worth, but cash is better than a voucher that you won’t use! It also allows buyers to purchase gift cards at a discount. This is what I did!

My experience

I created an account and had my credit added immediately. I then decided to browse the retailers whose gift cards you can purchase through the site. I’m quite thrifty, and didn’t have plans to make any purchases at the moment, so I had to really have a think. One thing I found frustrating was that I would choose a retailer from the main menu page, and then having chosen a product on that retailer’s site, when I went to buy a gift card, they did not have any from that retailer. It’s a minor thing, but it’s worth checking there are actually vouchers for the retailer of your choice before setting your heart on anything.

Once you have chosen your retailer, you can browse the available vouchers. On the whole it appears that the more you are spending, the more discount you will receive. This isn’t always the case but it is worth comparing the options.

I hadn’t understood that I still needed to pay £1, even though I had more than enough credit to cover my purchase. This is part of their security process, which I didn’t realise. It was explained to me once I contacted their support team – who replied the same day. I did subsequently find the information in their FAQ section as well. It is easy to make payment. You can pay with PayPal, Bitcoin or a credit or debit card.

Finally I found a retailer that had something I wanted to purchase and had vouchers to cover my credit. I decided to treat myself to something I would never normally buy – some Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder make up from Harrods!

The transaction itself was really easy. I selected a retailer who do e-gift cards so I had the codes right away to make my purchase. If you choose a retailer who issue physical gift vouchers, they are posted out to you free of charge and should be received within a few working days.

Selling on Zeek

I’ve not sold any vouchers on the site yet but I hear it is as easy as buying vouchers. First you choose your retailer from the sell menu. Then you fill in the required details, including uploading a photo of the voucher. You can choose a discount you are happy with and off you go. There is a fee to sell on the site. This is 7% of the voucher price, but a minimum of £3. Once your voucher has been sold you can get paid by PayPal or bank transfer within 14 days. This is a great way to make some money if you have some gift cards or vouchers burning a whole in your wallet or you just have some from a store that you are unlikely to shop in!


I think this site will be of most use if there is something specific you want and it is available through one of the retailers available on Zeek. In this case by buying yourself vouchers from there you can get the item at a discount. Saying that, if you were to use it on a regular basis, you could save lots of money. I will definitely use them again in the future, particularly if I had a big purchase to make.

I would love to share this with you and the friendly people at Zeek have offered my readers £5 free credit to try out their service. You can find it by clicking through to Zeek via this link or use Promo code 2RKLG134.



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