How to save money on pretty much EVERYTHING

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As you may have noticed, I love a bargain. I really don’t like paying full price for something if I don’t need to. The discovery of cashback sites has been revolutionary to me. The premise is simple. You purchase things that you would be buying anyway, but by clicking through from the cashback site, you get money back.

My favourite cashback sites are Top Cashback and Quidco. Not only do they offer cashback on all  your everyday shopping, but they hold regular competitions and ways of earning extra bonuses and prizes.

How do they work?

You can join them both for free, and when you have an item you want to purchase, browse the sites that they can offer cash back on and work out what is the best price for yourself.

Here’s an example for you. Imagine I need to buy a new washing machine (which quite soon I have a feeling I will). I’ve had a look online and have the one I want and at a really good price. I’ve had a look at the cashback sites and I’ve found this offer:


By clicking through to the AO website, via this link, I will be eligible for the £50.50 cashback once the purchase has been made and the transaction tracked.

The premise of these sites and offers really only work if you are only buying things you would be buying anyway. You also need to ensure that you follow the Ts and Cs of every offer you click through. I’ve once made the mistake of not being eligible for the cashback as I didn’t read the Ts and Cs properly. You can claim for missing cashback if you feel that you’ve been wrongly not awarded it, but it can take a very long time and you may not get the result you want.

Free cashback

Sometimes these cashback sites offer money back without you having to make a purchase – these offers are effectively free money! I’ve found that it is usually for doing small tasks such as getting an insurance quote. You are under no obligation to purchase these products, but you may be limited to how many quotes you can get per year.

They also sometimes have offers for free trials and you can earn cashback by taking these out. You just need to make sure you cancel before the billing cycle comes around. Again, it’s really important you remember to read all the Ts & Cs.


I definitely think it’s worth signing up to Top Cashback and Quidco then have a browse. When you are ready to make a purchase have a quick look and compare cashback amounts across any retailer who might sell what it is you want to buy. . For just a few clicks you can save yourself a LOT of money!

Good luck with your savings!



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