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Anyone who has visited my blog before will know that I love saving money! The advance of online shopping and the competition between retailers can be a good thing, but also it can mean that it can be harder to find a bargain if all the retailers are charging the same price. I am therefore really excited to tell you about a new way of saving money – and it’s free to join up! PIWoP (Price I Want to Pay) is an extension that you can add to your browser or you can download the app and it works in a slightly different way, but it “watches” the items you have added to your list via a trusted online retailer. Once the item you are prepared to pay is reached – you are alerted and you can then pay for the item! It sounds a bit too good to be true right? Well, it is good and it is true! Here are some of my favourite things about it and how it works:

  • It is compatible with many major retailers (including Argos, ASOS, John Lewis & Amazon).
  • Registering is free and you get two product price drop notifications included. After that, it’s only £4.79 per 6 month subscription – which you could easily save in just one transaction.
  • It really is simple! You register, download the extension and/or the app, browse away and then when you find an item you want, you just set the PIWoP (price you want to pay for it). Once the selling price drops to that price, or below, you are notified.
  • The alert you get is called a PANDA (Price Alert Notification at Desired Amount) and as such their logo is a giantpanda. They also therefore fundraise for the WWF and ask you to donate money to the pandas if the PANDAs have saved you money! 🙂
  • I love that you can save time as you don’t need to keep checking the websites for the price – as it will do it for you! You can use it to watch as many items as you like and it means that you can go away and keep living life, and no further action is required until you get your PANDA!
  • It saves you money! We all know that’s one of my favourite things and this makes that easier – I mean, what is not to love?! Whether you can’t afford the full price, or you just don’t think it is worth it, it is a brilliant tool to allow you to track items until they are a price you are prepared to pay!

As it’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose – so pop on over to and get your lists started. I can see this being really helpful in the lead up to Black Friday and of course Christmas!


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