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The internet is a magnificent thing. Whether social media is your thing, or news sites, or online shopping, whatever your favourite reason to go online, there might need to be another which could just pip it at the post. YOUTUBE! We all know it as the home of all things video related on the internet, but apart from bloopers from your favourite TV shows and random trending videos (or bloggers’ TV Quiz show appearances), you really can use YouTube to save you money! Here’s some of my favourite things that I have saved money on by using it.

Repressurising my boiler – in my old home, my boiler had a habit of cutting out and I realised it was because the pressure was low.  I don’t have a practical bone in my body, and I hate anything practical or DIY related, but after a quick look online, I found a great video from a plumber who worked regularly with boilers of the same make and type of mine, and showed how to repressurise it. It didn’t happen often, and so I’d never remember how to do it, so each time I had to do it, I would look for the video again, but that probably saved me a small fortune in plumber visit(s).

Fixing my toilet – in my new home, I have an en-suite shower and toilet room. I’d been living there for about 6 months when one day the toilet wouldn’t stop running! I was panicking a bit as I didn’t know anything about the mechanics of toilets so I was worried about it overflowing and flooding the bathroom, or just running for ages and inflating my water bills. I turned to YouTube and again, found a video which showed a plumbing company show what to do if your toilet is doing this. Opening up the toilet was simple and having the part name definitely helped when finding the right video. In the end it cost me less than £12 for a part from a well known high street DIY retailer. No call out fees, no inflated water bills and no floods! #winningatlife

Building websites – I built this site so I could learn about WordPress (the system which it is built in). The vast majority of my WordPress knowledge is self taught as I prefer to get stuck in and learn by doing. There are some amazing instructional videos on YouTube, and not just covering WordPress, but pretty much covering any topic or subject you could ever imagine. When I struggle to learn something, watching a step by step video helps me get my head around it so much better than just reading an instructional guide or manual. It’s definitely worth bearing it in mind for any tech queries – it will save you time and money on courses and support.

save money by using youtube and its instructional videos

Now don’t get me wrong – there are some things that are worth spending money on. For example if you do have a major leak – just call a plumber or someone who can sort it for you quickly and simply. Whilst I did a lot of the decorating in my new home, anything that involved building/drilling I got a handyman in for (I can’t be trusted with power tools) so just bear that in mind and think about your limitations. I’d love to know what you’ve saved money on by using YouTube in the comments below though!

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