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Globally, people have a great fondness for precious metals since time immemorial. But while gold generally stays on the higher side, silver has always been more affordable and a popular choice in ornaments and bullion investment. But is this pandemic a fine time to buy silver bullion online from sites like Read on for the answers.

Silver Bullion—An Introduction

Silver bullion is a highly concentrated piece of pure silver available in bars, coins, grains, etc. It is generally traded as a high-value asset and one of the easiest ways to store wealth. 

The silver bullion coins are government made and 99.9% pure or even better at times. You can visit sites like for detailed info. They weigh one troy ounce, which is equal to 31.0135 grams or 1.097 regular ounces.

The silver bullion bars are made with the same finesse and are .999. Apart from the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint of Australia, all silver bullion bars in the market are produced by private refineries. Interestingly, the silver bars are cheaper than the legal tender coins of the same weight and purity.

They can be of two forms—poured and minted. While the poured bars are made by pouring molten silver into moulds, the minted or the pressed bars are cut from bar stock and bear a stamped design. 

If you are still relatively new to the business, you might not be aware of the silver bullion rounds. The disc-shaped bullion can be much less priced than the bars and coins and are more of collectibles. Hence, although they have lower premiums and are known for their artistic and commemorative designs, they are not government-guaranteed.

Should You Buy Silver Bullion Amid Current Pandemic?

The COVID situation has largely impacted the market that has made room for Uranium to evolve. Facts indicate that gold prices had dropped during March along with other commodities. However, as the market has revived now, gold has made a comeback strongly, responding to the financial demand.

On the other hand, silver remains to stick to its lowest market value in 11 years. So, it might appear to you, would it be a wise decision to invest in silver bullion at this moment? Especially when numerous investors are liquidating their precious metal holdings to help offset the damage. Moreover, the metal is still facing weaker industrial demand, and the prices dropped nearly 6% by the close of New York Tarde.

Well, honestly, there are top 2 reasons why you must buy silver now:

Higher Returns in Future

You can take advantage of the lower tide by investing in the white metals now and wait for the market to lift. However, be extremely cautious and don’t rip off your wallet. Have patience, and you are likely to enjoy a greater percentage gain when the prices go up. 

Silver is Cheaper than Gold

Amid this enormous market volatility, people are counting more on gold than other precious metals, and as usual, gold happens to have soaring price points. But avoid such risks and go for silver.

Experts predict that this tug of war might continue for some time now. Therefore, before purchasing online from sites like, do the necessary research and make a practical decision.

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