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Damp proofing is not sexy or cool, but it really can be a money saving investment that needs to be taken seriously. Damp can cause problems with your property but also with your health and therefore it is key that it is done properly and by professionals who won’t rip you off or do a poor job.

Whether you need timber repaired or treated, condensation control, basement waterproofing any other related service, make sure you shop around and do your research and find a company with good references and a portfolio of happy customers. Dynamic Property Care is one such company, and they can offer all the services mentioned and many more. Wherever you live, you can just search online for the service you need, in your locality, for example damp proofing services in Stoke on Trent, damp proofing services in Crewe and damp proofing services in Stafford. These are great places to start and will help you find someone who is local to you and can offer the services you need.

It’s then really key to get impartial reviews and do your research. There are great online review sites such as Trust Pilot or Google Reviews where you can see other people’s reviews or experience with the companies. It’s also worth checking CheckaTrade which is one of the UK’s highest sites for finding people to do jobs around the house.

Why is damp proofing so important?

Damp proofing can seem to be really expensive and this often puts people off doing the work. It is so important to do the work though – especially when renovating old properties which may not have been built to current high standards and regulations.

Some of the reasons you may have damp issues are because of the failure of an existing damp proofing. This may allow bricks, stones and other porous materials to absorb water from the ground and the environment around them. This then causes rising damp, which can cause a “tidal mark” on your walls and inside spaces. This in turn can cause peeling wallpaper or rotting woodwork or skirting boards. The sooner the issue is identified and resolved, the better. The work may be cheaper to do, and the repairs will definitely be cheaper as less damage will have taken place.  Another reason why it really is a 21st century investment, and that isn’t even considering the value to your property you will be adding by doing the work, as it’s extra selling points when you do decide to move on!

Damp can also be caused by cracks and holes in brickwork. This is called penetrative damp, and can cause moss, black mould and excess heat loss. It is absolutely key that these issues are resolved and prevented.

Condensation control

Condensation is the biggest cause of damp in properties, but also the most underrated. You might have double glazing, insulation and draught proofing, but modern properties tend to have poor ventilation which can result in stale and uncirculated air – leading to condensation and damp issues.

It is important to monitor your inside spaces for excess condensation and to ensure that any problems don’t escalate. It is usually most noticeable on non-porous surfaces such as windows or tiles, but it can appear anywhere. Watch out for mould growth, peeling surfaces and other signs of damage. Sometimes you can smell a damp or musty smell which can be a good indicator of an issue.

You might not want to open windows and doors especially when it is cold outside, but ensuring your property is well ventilated can do a lot to prevent condensation issues. Other things you can do are to dry your clothes outside where possible – ensuring the moisture from the clothes is not being transferred to the air inside. You can also keep pots and pans covered whilst cooking and trying to keep the temperature inside your property as constant as possible to prevent wide fluctuations.

Damp and your health

As someone who has had life long issues with respiratory issues such as asthma and poor sinuses, damp really can exacerbate my symptoms. It’s important therefore that I keep an eye on any possible risks of damp and manage them quickly before they cause my asthma and breathing to be affected. I watch out for any signs of damp or damage to the property, including watching out for mould or ensuring good ventilation from the kitchen and bathrooms. I don’t know about you – but I’m quite keen on being able to breathe well. Remember that young children and the elderly are also more susceptible to asthma and breathing issues compared to the rest of us and if you have people in those ages living or visiting your property on a regular basis you need to be even more vigilant.

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