Benefits of using a digital bank

    In the past few years we have all had a lot of upheaval. For me however there are two key things which stick out. Firstly I relocated from London to a small town in the countryside, and then, you know, the pandemic happened.

    One of the first financial issues I came across after my relocation … Read the rest

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    Gold Investment – When Is the Best Time to Invest?

    Do you want to buy gold? It sounds like a good idea, especially during economic downturns. However, such investments come with unique challenges. They also do not always play out as expected. So, should you still invest in gold during a recession?

    The metal has gained a reputation for being friendly during a recession. When … Read the rest

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    My Favourite Free Games

    Whether I’m on a break at lunch, chilling at home in the evening or hanging out with friends, I love playing games. From board games, to apps on my phone and everything in between. They are fun, and even if you are on your own, are a great way to pass the time, and some … Read the rest

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    Multiple Debt Issues

    Nowadays, the cost of living is going through the roof while the wages and salaries that we are paid are tending to remain pretty level. This means that life itself is pretty expensive and many of us are working simply to cover our rent or mortgage payments, alongside our bills and other necessities such as … Read the rest

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    The Pros and Cons of Renting and Buying

    Buying a home is one of the biggest investments and decisions you can make in life. Looking at your own situation and determining which advantages are most important to you is how to make the best choice. Having a grasp on the disadvantages of each may also help locking in your decision.

    So in order … Read the rest

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    Cheap ways to entertain yourself at home

    I live alone and during the pandemic I’ve been working from home. I know I am really fortunate, but it has meant I have spent extended periods of time on my own, without seeing other people. I have an extra couple of hours a day as I am not commuting (although really I’ve been staying … Read the rest

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