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Why I bought my baby niece a money box

Babies & money

For my baby niece’s first birthday, I bought her a moneybox. It was a really nice silver one, engraved with her name and the date of her first birthday. She doesn’t have a clue what it is, or what’s in it, so why did I bother?

The simple answer is that because … Read the rest


How I cleared half my debt in one day

This is a very unconventional approach to paying off debt – and I know it won’t work for a lot of people. In the end I cleared off half my debt with less than a day’s work so I had to tell you about it.

It all started when a friend’s dad had been on … Read the rest

debt free with cap 1

How I got debt free with CAP

Did you read my post from last week about setting your 2017 financial goals? If not you can read it here. I hope that it was helpful and inspiring. I am sure however that there are people out there who find managing their money rather overwhelming. You can see no way of paying off … Read the rest


5 top tips for the short term

Here are some of my top tips to help you if you find yourself in debt or struggling with money and want to do something in the short term. Just remember that if you are in debt, it might be a long road to get out of it. You may need a lot of help … Read the rest


What to do if you find yourself in debt?

First steps

Debt carries a stigma, and you may be embarrassed or ashamed. Please don’t be. The numbers of people in debt are much higher than you will realise and although it may feel at times completely hopeless, there is always something that can be done to start your journey to get out of debt.… Read the rest


What happens if I have to get debt advice?

My journey

I am not a financial adviser or debt counsellor, but I can tell you what happened on my journey with CAP. If you get debt advice and a debt counsellor, remember – their advice will be tailored to your situation and circumstances.

Firstly, I received a home visit from a trainer debt counsellor. … Read the rest