All about (my) debt

I'm not a trained financial or debt adviser, and my experience of debt is limited to my experience of debt and the debt management process and debt clearing that I went through. Saying that, I think there is something valuable in talking about debt and money! Why don't we Brits talk about it more? Let's reduce the stigma around debt and get people talking!

Top debt content:

What do you know about debt?

I am not a financial or debt adviser, so I can only tell you about my debt experience. Here I share how I got in to debt, how I came to realise that I had a problem that I needed to face up to and how I got out of the debts that I was not clearing!

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What is a debt snowball?

What is a debt snowball and what is a debt avalanche? You might have heard the name but not know what they are! In this post I explain what they are and which I think is best and why!

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