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Car boot sales vs jumble trails

This weekend I was lucky enough that there was a car boot sale on near me, but there was also a “Jumble Trail”. I’ve been going to car boot sales on and off over the summer, however I have never been to a “Jumble Trail” before. I decided to do some very scientific research and Read the rest


Review of the BEST blogging course around

I’m delighted to remind you of this interview I did with Emma Drew last year. Emma Drew was the first money blogger that I was really aware of. Using her hints and tips to make extra money and savings has turned my life around. I can thoroughly recommend her free money-making mastermind course which can Read the rest


How to sell things on eBay

I used to really hate using eBay to sell things. When you take into consideration the commission they charge, plus the PayPal fees, and the effort involved in the postage, I just could never be bothered. Last summer I spent half of a Sunday doing a car boot sale, and that’s not including the time … Read the rest


Charity shop and car boot flipping

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to make some extra money. If you are reading this – then you probably are too. I want to tell you about something which I’m new too – but I’ve heard really good things about. Charity shop (or thrift store) and car boot flipping! It sounds crazy … Read the rest


How I cleared half my debt in one day

This is a very unconventional approach to paying off debt – and I know it won’t work for a lot of people. In the end I cleared off half my debt with less than a day’s work so I had to tell you about it.

It all started when a friend’s dad had been on … Read the rest


My top 5 money management tips

I’m so pleased I know more about managing money after getting out of debt. My lack of knowledge was how I got into debt after all. Going through that has been a big learning curve and I really feel more confident about money management. I’m not saying I’ve got it totally sussed but It definitely … Read the rest


How to ebay your unwanted Christmas presents

It’s the New Year. It’s time for a fresh start. I love having a bit of a clearout for the New Year. Sometimes this can include things I’ve been given for Christmas that just aren’t me. We’ve all had them, whether it’s a dodgy secret santa gift, or an old auntie, 17 times removed, who … Read the rest


Making the best of your CV

After my blog post on job interviews went live, I received some really great feedback. Whilst some of my points may seem obvious to some, it was really well received! I’m done a bit of recruitment in previous jobs, and I’m currently covering recruitment at my current job. I’m not a full time permanent recruiter … Read the rest