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Fabrics are one the most common things that you could find inside your houses. It is found at every corner of our rooms from our bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms; fabrics are just attached to our home interiors. 

Yet, it is also best to know what type of fabric we are purchasing. Fabrics can have the same style and variety but somehow not associating the right fabric for a certain use can lead to less fabric performance. Not all curtain fabrics can be used for chairs just as not all upholstery fabrics can be applicable to be used as drapes. 

Let’s have the basics in what drapery and upholstery fabrics really are.


Drapery fabrics are fabrics that are used to cover windows and serve as a window treatment at home. Almost all fabric can be used for drapery, but not all are applicable to be used everywhere. For example, linen can be used indoors and outdoors as it is resistant to heat and humidity. Whereas cotton can only be used indoors as it does not dry easily when placed outside and thus giving a way for molds and unwanted particles to build up. 

In terms of the heaviness, drapery fabrics can be light and medium in weight. This fabric character gives drapery fabric a sense of volatility so it will not completely block sunlight and air. Drapery fabrics are mostly decorative in nature so as to give a more innovative appearance to your windows. Prominent fabric mills like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop even sells the widest variety of colours and patterns for drapes for a more creative look for your windows. 

There are also instances that thick drapery fabrics are sold in the market. However, it still can’t be used for your furniture. Thick drapery fabrics are intended to be lighter than the standard upholstery fabric. This is why drapery fabrics must not be used for your furniture.


Upholstery fabrics are thicker, heavier, and stiffer than drapery fabrics. This type of fabric is woven tightly so as to provide a stronger and more resilient cover for your seats. Upholstery fabrics are the most appropriate fabrics for your seats as it gives out a more protective layer to your cushions and even your chair frames.

In addition, upholstery fabrics are also made from a mix of different sets of fibres for a more durable fabric produce. This sets a boundary among drapery fabrics as upholstery fabrics can be comfortable and durable at the same time. Moreover, Drapery fabrics are also made for heavy usage so it does not wrinkle and sag more easily. At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, they sell fabrics that have different fibre mix and composition to create heavy duty fabrics for your everyday use. 

Always be meticulous in choosing the right fabrics for various purposes. It’s good to have an idea with regards to the most appropriate fabrics so you can get more use of it. When buying fabrics, always make sure you’re buying at the right shop who knows the fabrics well. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop in the United Kingdom is one of those premium fabric shop which categorizes drapery from upholstery fabric so consumers won’t be confused. 

Now you already know the right fabric to buy for your home essentials. Maybe now is the right time to buy your fabrics for your long awaited interior improvement!

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