Making money from home – a roundup

During these difficult and uncertain times, almost everyone I have spoken to has concerns about their finances. Whether you are working from home, unable to work, or still in the office, a level of uncertainty hangs over us like nothing our generation has seen or experienced before.

I don’t want to be seen as exploiting … Read the rest

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Make money selling your skills

Today I’m going to talk about something a bit different, you are selling something – basically, yourself! Let me explain! Whatever you are good at, there will be someone else who can’t do it, or hates doing it, or for whatever reason, can’t do it. You need to find your strength and sell it. Selling … Read the rest

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How to sell things on eBay

I am regularly asked how to sell on eBay. I actually used to really hate selling on eBay. When you take into consideration the commission they charge, plus the PayPal fees, and the effort involved in the photographing, listing and postage of the items , I just could never be bothered. Last summer I spent … Read the rest

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Saving money with Sign Up Offers

As any regular visitor to this site will know, I’m passionate about saving money. Whether this is because you have some debt you need to clear off, or you just want to live more frugally in order to be able to pay for the other things in life, it’s something I’m a real advocate of. … Read the rest

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My love affair with the theatre

I adore going to the theatre, and having been born and raised in Surrey, I was always really lucky to have the theatres of London and the West End practically on my doorstep. I’ve seen some amazing shows on Broadway, but the quality of the West End and London theatres matches, and on occasion ever … Read the rest

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Earning Cashback with My Money Pocket

Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of using cashback sites, as by making a purchase via these sites, you earn money back on your items with almost no effort. It really is free money and it really is throwing money away if you don’t bother using them.

There’s a couple of really … Read the rest

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