Cheap ways to entertain yourself at home

I live alone and during the pandemic I’ve been working from home. I know I am really fortunate, but it has meant I have spent extended periods of time on my own, without seeing other people. I have an extra couple of hours a day as I am not commuting (although really I’ve been staying … Read the rest

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Tips For Getting the Right Scooter for Kids

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special youngster in your life, a scooter is certain to delight and thrill for many years to come. This motorized mode of transportation for a kid is considerably more costly than most kid’s gifts, but your child will enjoy it in 5 years as much … Read the rest

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How to build up your savings

Have you, like me, learnt a LOT about personal finance and managing your money in the last year and a half? The pandemic has hit a lot of people very hard. I know I have been very fortunate in that I have not been furloughed, I have worked throughout, but I have been working from … Read the rest

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Can you make money from free game apps?

I am often asked how to get free money but unfortunately there are very few legitimate ways of earning free money. Recently I started being inundated with adverts that promise that you can make money from free game apps. The ads show amounts rapidly building up (100s of dollars in minutes) for the users to … Read the rest

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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Financially

Financial stability is something that’s important for all of us. However, how much protection do we actually have when something unexpected happens? There are different steps you can take to make sure you are better protected, and here are five of the most important. 


Budgeting is a simple step you can take to give … Read the rest

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Win a Silver Valentine’s Rose

Whether you are able to be with your loved one this Valentine’s Day or not, show them how much you love them with this stunning silver plated Valentine’s Rose from Engravers Guild of London.

We’ve team up with Engraver’s Guild of London to offer one lucky person the chance to win this beautifully crafted rose, … Read the rest

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3 Space-Making Ideas That Will Also Save You Money

Using your space to its best advantage not only makes a home more comfortable, it can save you money because you’re not buying duplicate items or replacing things you’ve lost.

Organising possessions can also help with no-spend or lo-spend projects for much the same reason. We all have stuff we’re either not using as much … Read the rest

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Budgeting for beginners

Budgeting does need to be scary or hard. A budget is a plan created to manage your money. It should cover any income, as well as any outgoings. This will include regular payments such as bills, as well as payments to your savings and other non-essential purchases.

A budget can be created on a … Read the rest

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Can you afford to buy your own home?

Buying your first home is a right of passage that many of us work hard towards. Some of us are fortunate to achieve it early in our careers, and for some it takes longer and can be a real struggle to get to. I bought my first flat early in my 20s and moved again … Read the rest

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