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I love going to the cinema, but it’s really expensive. My friends and I are used to finding ways of making it as cheap as possible. We are big fans of Meerkat Movies. For those of you living under a rock, it is an offer from which when you enrol, gets you BOGOF on cinema tickets on either a Tuesday or Wednesday each week for a year. Here I will show you how to get Meerkat Movies!

To be eligible, you do need to make a purchase from the website, but there is a hack, which will cost you just a few pounds, and it will mean you can make back that initial spend in just one cinema trip.

Hop on over to Compare the Market, and find the Travel Insurance option.  At the bottom of the page is a short video, showing you these selections, but if you are confident to do this on your own, just work through the questions, selecting these options:

  • UK Break
  • Single trip
  • Choose some dates quite soon, I’ve found that a weekend break (Friday to Monday) usually seems quite cheap
  • Select “Just me” for who you want to insure
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Don’t add on any additional types of cover
  • Don’t declare any medical conditions. (This is a trip you are NOT going on – of course if you are buying actual insurance for a real life trip, you should be 100% honest about any medical conditions you or anyone in your party may have)
  • Fill our your Email Address, First Name and Surname
  • Select whether you agree to receiving marketing communications (you can always unsubscribe later)
  • Select that you have read the Terms & Conditions (once you’ve read them of course)

Then select “Get Quotes”. The quotes will be displayed in price order, starting with the cheapest at the top. As you can see from the step by step video below, I found one for £1.60. I therefore decided not to try again. If you are not happy with the prices, it can sometimes be worth trying slightly different dates.

When you click on the “More Details” option – it will show you that the policy is eligible for enrol in the Meerkat Movies programme if you proceed with the purchase. You should then choose “Go to provider”. It is essential that you use this link to make your purchase, as it is tracked back to ensure your qualifying purchase came from Compare the Market.

My video doesn’t show this part, mainly because I am already enrolled in the programme, but also because every insurer’s website is slightly different – but hopefully they should be pretty self explanatory. Any problems – drop me an email, I’d be happy to help!

Once you’ve bought the policy, within 24-48 hours you will be emailed offering enrollment into Meerkat Movies. You will need the details of your policy. At this point I would recommend downloading the app. Every week you can log in and get your personalised code for that week.

You only need to go to the cinema once in a year to make a profit from this deal and although it may seem fiddly at first, it is well worth doing. Your friends will love you too!

2018 Update

Thanks to Meerkat Meals, you can now get two for one on a variety of meals out – check the website for up to date information, but joining is exactly the same!


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