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No one tries to get into debt but sadly it is one of those things that happen without you planning for it. It may feel out of your control and from there it can spiral. Staying out of debt, however, is very manageable and is not as difficult as it may seem. By following these handy tips, you should be able to pull yourself out of the red and into the black. It will improve your credit score and keep your life easier and happier.


The toughest thing about finding yourself in debt is knowing where to start and how to get yourself out of it. Using vetted accountants to go through your receipts and expenses can help you see where you are losing money.

The easiest way to understand debt is to know that your income needs to be more than your expenses. Use accountants to help you cut your expenses and make judgments about which expenses are not needed.

Credit cards

If you can’t afford an item without a credit card, then do not buy it. One of the most dangerous and detrimental approaches to having a credit card is living with the illusion that you can afford things you don’t have the money upfront for. If you can’t pay for something in cash, then you cannot afford it with a card.

However, you can use credit cards to split up your larger purchases so that you don’t need to face a large amount of money leaving your account in one go. This can make those larger purchases so much easier to justify.

Emergency Funds

Emergency savings are very important for those ‘just in case’ situations. The best practice when setting up an emergency fund is to have at least a 6-months salary saved up. This can provide cover for something drastic like loss of a job or an injury that prevents your working for a long period. Equally, it can provide money for emergency home repairs like new washing machines or boilers. Having a safe amount of money locked away can ensure that you are always looked after.


Budgeting your monthly outgoings and expenses can help you better track where your money is going. Knowing this can help you judge what expenses you can afford and those that you must cut out as superfluous. Every month you should parcel away some money to put into your savings and some extra for you to spend on luxury expenses.

You can use handy online tools to help you come up with a budget and to make some of the budgeting process easier for you.


Finding yourself in debt is a horrible feeling. It can feel like you are feeling being an adult and that there seems to be no way to get out of it. However, all you need to do is take stock of your life. Find out which expenses are essential and which ones are luxuries you can live without. Once you have done this, you can start to add little luxury expenses to your life so that you are not stuck with a strict lifestyle.

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