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how to get o2 priority on any network 0

How to get O2 priority on ANY network


O2 priority has some amazing benefits and offers. Whilst the legendary £1 Boots meal deal is no longer, there are loads of other ways to make the most of it. My favourite things about it are:

  • Priority Tickets allows you to presales for various events at O2 venues,
  • The regular competitions available which you
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How to get cheap West End Theatre Tickets

I love going to the theatre, and having The West End on my doorstep is a blessing. Saying that, it is not a cheap hobby or habit. Ever heard of theatre ticket lotteries? This is one of my new favourite finds. In short, a show runs a ballot where you can apply for reduced tickets … Read the rest


Meerkat Movies Hack

I love going to the cinema, but it’s really expensive. My friends and I are used to finding ways of making it as cheap as possible. We are big fans of Meerkat Movies. For those of you living under a rock, it is an offer from which when you enrol, gets you BOGOF on … Read the rest

how to get cheap flights 4

How to get cheap flights

I don’t really like paying full price for anything unless I really have to. Pretty much every purchase I make is however contributing towards savings on my next holiday. How? I make sure I get cheap flights! Supermarket reward cards are the best for this. I buy the vast majority of my grocery shopping and … Read the rest


Why I always (try to) take a packed lunch

One of my biggest expenses is food. We all have to live, but by not meal planning and buying prepared meals or fast food, the costs can really add up. It’s why I always try to take a packed lunch to work. Sometimes this might be a meal I heat up at work, sometimes it … Read the rest

London for free or on a budget 4

London on a budget

London is my home but it is not cheap. Here are my top tips for things to do and see on a budget! I particularly love the amount of things that you can do for free.


Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria & Albert and the British Museum to name but just a few … Read the rest


My top 5 money management tips

I’m so pleased I know more about managing money after getting out of debt. My lack of knowledge was how I got into debt after all. Going through that has been a big learning curve and I really feel more confident about money management. I’m not saying I’ve got it totally sussed but It definitely … Read the rest