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If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special youngster in your life, a scooter is certain to delight and thrill for many years to come. This motorized mode of transportation for a kid is considerably more costly than most kid’s gifts, but your child will enjoy it in 5 years as much as they did on the first day. A scooter is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

Electric scooters are increasing in popularity with kids and the demands on the market have not gone unnoticed. Many manufacturers of electronic products have taken note and produced a fascinating array of scooters to suit every taste and need. While the modern consumer is certainly spoilt for options when it comes to choosing a good e-scooter, the problem can be choosing the best option from the bunch. 

To shed some light on this important decision, here are some of the top recommendations from that can help you when shopping for a scooter for your kids.

Make sure the E-scooter is designed for children

While this goes without saying, there are many times when an adult’s e-scooter can look very much like a kid’s e-scooter. It will be important to check that the design and specifications are right for your child and the differences are not easily noted. Take the time to read the product specifications and ensure that you have chosen a product that is suitable for an inexperienced child’s operation. 

Make sure it is just right for your child’s age and size

E-scooters for kids often have a lower weight capacity than one for an adult. It will be important to make sure the scooter you are choosing will suit the needs of a growing child. If the weight capacity of the e-scooter is 100lbs., it is not a good idea for a child that weighs over 90 lbs. The child will soon be too heavy to use the e-scooter and this shortens the value of a full service life. There are also age recommendations that can serve as helpful guidelines for making your selection.

Prioritize safe speeds and lower ranges

An adult will need a fast mode of transportation to get from place to place, but these high-speeds are not necessary or even recommended for a juvenile motorist. You will generally find that the top speeds of an e-scooter for kids is much lower than an e-scooter meant for adult transportation. But there are even speed ranges in kids e-scooters that are better suited to specific age ranges. With this in mind it is always best to choose a scooter that is suitable for your child’s capacity to manage safely.  Choosing an option with a low range will ensure that your child never ventures too far away on their expeditions. 

Choose a quick-charging battery

The very best e-scooters today are fitted with top-quality rechargeable batteries, you won’t have to worry about getting rechargeable batteries or not. But you will want to make sure that the battery will be charged as fast as possible. This will mean choosing a battery with an especially low charging time and a long riding time. An acceptable e-scooter will allow your child a full 45 to 50 minutes over all kinds of terrain.   

Look for essential safety features

Because you will be choosing an e-scooter for a child, you don’t want to overlook the safety features that will protect the youngster while out and about. An e-scooter may look very impressive and sturdy, but if it doesn’t have proper safety features, it could be a dangerous purchase. Make sure your e-scooter has a bell, lock, headlights and reflectors. These features will keep your child safe any time of day and night. Sometimes supplemental and improved safety features can be purchased and applied separately. 

Pick steering handles that are appropriate for your child’s age

There are two options for steering handlebars when you are choosing an electric scooter for children: fixed and adjustable. Because the steering handles are essential for optimal operations, they are an especially important consideration. Because your child should have an e-scooter that they can use for many years an adjustable handlebar is a better option for a growing child. If they are already in their teens and almost fully grown, you can choose a fixed handle.

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