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If you have a household budget, you probably have noticed that there are some prepaid expenses that you cannot do without. One expense in particular is food. It’s simple, the human body cannot go without food (or water), which makes grocery shopping pretty important. The problem, however, is going to the grocery store can get expensive, especially if you are going multiples times a week and/or month. So, in effort to save money, here are some ways to save on groceries on your next grocery store outing.

  • Try store brands. These items have the same food standards and are often just as good as the name brand items. If you implement this strategy, you spend 25-50% less on your monthly grocery bill.
  • Create a list (and stick to it!). This one speaks to me. I always carry a list but often have trouble sticking to it. So to control those impulses of throwing everything you see into the cart, create a list of items you need and only shop for those items on the list.
  • Plan your meals around the sales. My husband is a big believer of this and so we plan most of our weekly meals by what’s on sale. What’s interesting is once you get used to purchasing products on sale, it’s hard to pay full price after.
  • Shop for what’s in season. This is important especially when shopping for produce. My family loves strawberries and asparagus (not together), but not when they’re out of season and $5 a package. Instead, try substituting the out of season produce with something that is in season (hello broccoli and bananas) and noticeably cheaper.

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