Surprising scientific reasons to declutter

Surprising scientific reasons to declutter

Clutter, mess, trash, stuff-I-used-to-like-but-now-keep-around-for-the-memories; whatever you call it, we’re all guilty of cluttering up our houses, offices and personal spaces with things we just don’t need anymore. It may start off innocent enough. A pile of papers that we keep just in case we need them, or stacks of threadbare jumpers we save in case the weather turns. But over time, that unassuming pile turns into a mountain of clutter. It lingers on and continues to grow, spilling out of our wardrobes, basements or attics and taking over our precious space.

More often than not, clutter is the result of being budget-conscious. We think that by saving things and never throwing anything away, that we’re somehow getting more bang for our buck. Well, we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s just not true. In fact, all that clutter can end up costing you more money than it saves you, not to mention the mental and physical side effects of living amongst clutter. So, is it time to get your clutter under control once and for all?

In this post, we’ll break down some of the top scientific reasons that you should declutter.

Busts stress

Anyone who has lost their favourite jumper in the swamp of clothes on the bedroom floor or spent hours searching for an important document amongst the mountain of files knows how stressed clutter can make you feel. New research has found that ‘a high density of household objects’  has a negative effect on our mood and self-esteem. Clutter increases cortisol – the stress hormone – and can leave us feeling stressed out and frazzled. It’s impossible to remove this stress from our lives, but our houses are a good place to start. Create your very own zone of relaxation and tranquillity and indulge in a feeling of Zen by tidying up your space.

Improves health  

Dust particles, toxins, germs and microorganisms flourish in clutter. Breeding and spreading, you may be unintentionally living in a highly toxic and dangerous environment. These harmful substances can lead to asthma attacks, eye irritation and a depleted immune system, amongst many other nasty health defects. So, do the good thing for your health and clear out the clutter. You can literally breathe easier with better hygiene.

Increases productivity

Did you know that clutter has a profound impact on our brains? A recent study at Princeton University has found that all those bits-and-bobs that we can’t be bothered to clean out affect our attention spans and performance. Taking time to get rid of unnecessary things we hold on to can improve our information processing, so that we can stay focused on our goals and be more likely to achieve them. You know the saying, ‘a messy space, a messy mind!’

Induces sleep

Lack of sleep is terrible for our well-being, yet many of us suffer from sleepless nights. The result? We’re less focused, more likely to gain weight and more prone to depression and disease. If you struggle to catch up on some zzz’s, you may have your home to blame. A recent study shows that clutter and sleep loss are inherently linked. The study monitored participants’ ability to fall asleep – in one scenario, they were given a clean space; in the other, a messy one. Low and behold, those who slept among clutter reported problems drifting off. Leading researcher, Pamela Thacher, suggests there may be a link between hoarding and sleep problems. She explains that it comes down to problems with decision making and cognitive control. Hoarders are unable to let go of material possessions and, similarly, cannot detach from emotional distractions. So, to restore, unwind and get a proper night’s sleep, take time to declutter your physical space and in the process, your mental space.

Bring in the professionals

There are so many benefits for decluttering and investing in a good ol’ fashion spring clean. But putting theory into practice, rolling up your sleeves and applying some elbow grease, is not always a seductive option. Our lives are busy and deep cleaning is a tough job. So, why not call in the professionals?

Whether you’re looking for a professional cleaner to come in once a week or just a one-off super deep clean, there’s a qualified professional out there to suit your needs. It doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg, either. HaMuch provides an efficient way to effortlessly sort and compare prices so that you can find a cost-effective cleaner in your area without too much faff. Here’s a taste of what is out there:


Location in the UK Hourly Rate Daily Rate
London £16 per hour £133 per day
Birmingham £15 per hour £114 per day
Leeds £17 per hour £112 per day
Glasgow £22 per hour £165 per day
Sheffield £12 per hour £91 per day
Bradford £17 per hour £103 per day
Liverpool £16 per hour £121 per day
Edinburgh £26 per hour £250 per day
Manchester £14 per hour £109 per day
Bristol £20 per hour £190 per day

Cleaner: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Author bio: Patrick Smith works with HaMuch, a tradespeople comparison website with a difference. HaMuch allows individuals to search for tradespeople in their local area and compare prices.


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