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I love any way I can find of making extra money, especially when I’m on the go. Vypr has become my favourite quick survey app as it is simple and quick. Just search for it in the app store or in the Google Play store.

The premise is simple, one you are all signed up and logged in, at any one time you will have a number of “steers” available. This can vary from day to day and by time, so it can be pot luck as to how many you have when you check.

The dashboard will show you how many steers you have available, as well as your current points total.

Once you click or tap on a “steer” you usually have to answer just one question. Once that question is answered you are rewarded with your points! One question steers are usually worth just ten points, but sometimes you will be given the choice of taking part in steers worth more points – but these usually involve several questions, although they still don’t take long to complete. Some of the questions involve you looking through various options first (such as a range of products) and then answering whether or not you would buy them.

You may also have the option to take part in “in store” steers. These are worth more points, sometimes around 100, but using your location from your phone, you can only take part if you are in a particular store. I have also found that new stores sometimes aren’t detected, so I would never recommend going out of your way to take part in one unless you have already done one in that store and you know that it will definitely work.

At any time you can check your progress on Vypr and see how close you are to a payout. 10,000 points gets you £5, but if you check the app regularly you can easily build up to this pretty quickly. I have already had one redemption from Vypr, and am well on my way to my next one as you can see below.

vypr points

It’s definitely a great app to have on your device as you can dip in and out as and when you remember and it all adds up after all!

My favourite survey site is Prolific Academic, and you can make some serious money really quickly using that site, however it isn’t something you can dip in and out of to the same extent, as some of the surveys can be quite long (it always tells you before you start how much you will get paid and roughly how long it will take so you can decide if you have the time).

I use a combination of apps and survey sites to dip in and out of to make more money. If you are limited with time, I would recommend you try using a few and see which ones work best for you and focus on only the ones which are bringing you the most money.

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