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Want to get your guests truly invested in your event? It’s important to keep them engaged while feeling as if they’re truly getting something out of the experience, which means lots of interaction. 

For a corporate event aimed at getting employees motivated or a fundraiser, invested guests can result in more sales or even record-breaking donations. No matter what type of event, going interactive with your live entertainment will appeal to attendees on an emotional level, allowing them to associate it with positive feelings making it more memorable. A more memorable event means better attendance for future events too.

If you want those invitees to be motivated to come, have a great time, and eagerly look forward to your next one, you need to create excitement and a buzz before and during your event by booking one of these three live acts.

A Psychic

The mystic arts have long kept people fascinated. For centuries, many people have hoped to receive guidance from “the other side” for insight into their career, relationships, love life, and other issues. In fact, a US Gallup survey found that three out of four Americans believe in the paranormal. More than half stated they believe in psychic healing powers, and over a quarter believe in psychic abilities like clairvoyance.

A psychic for hire is sure to get your guests invested in attending. It gets them curious, and they’ll know they have the potential to get some life-changing advice out of it too. While showing off psychic abilities was once their main priority, these days, many are focused on channeling “energy” that can help people discover what they want out of life. Often they teach them how to lean into their own intuition and trust their guts too.

If you aren’t sure your guests will be into it, be aware that, ironically, it’s usually those who claim to be the biggest skeptics that can’t seem to stay away. Often, they want some proof that they’re wrong and end up leaving impressed with the experience.


It can be difficult for entertainers to truly interact with all of your guests, but a hypnotist 

provides a high level of audience participation and engagement. The audience will become completely mesmerized as the hypnotist on the stage connects with them, making each person feel special as they’ll be a part of the performance. 

Hypnotism is exciting to watch as a demonstration of the power of subliminal messages and the human psyche, often with a bit of comedy mixed in as well. It provides a relaxing and entertaining time that’s likely to put your guests in a relaxed, cheerful mood. 


You’ve probably watched a talented magician or illusionist at one point and felt amazed, wondering how they managed to do that “trick.” It surely captures attention, with audience participation and engagement typically a big part of the show, which is why it’s one of the most popular forms of entertainment. 

We all want to be surprised by something we didn’t think was possible, which is why this type of live act can be a great addition to all types of events. It will definitely get people talking: “Did you see that? How was that possible?” You might want to open up the event with a magician to break the ice, setting up a positive expectation for everything that comes next.

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