My debt story

Where it began

My debt story began several years ago when I found myself with debt that was in the £1,000s. It was whilst my dad was terminally ill in a hospice and my employer at the time said I had to either come back or leave. Clearly I chose to leave and be with … Read the rest

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Why guarantor loans are a terrible idea

You’ve probably all seen the television adverts for an Amigo Loan, even if you haven’t taken in what they are for. Guarantor loans, such as the ones by market leaders Amigo, are pitched as something that can improve your credit, help you get out of cdebt, and something your best mate can help you out … Read the rest

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A Payday Loan Horror Story

Have you ever heard a payday loan horror story? You may have, or you may be fortunate enough to not know anyone who has been in that position (or at least is prepared to talk about it). I am passionately against payday loans and guarantor loans. I have a lot of issues with the finance

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