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I love blogging. I started as I wanted to learn about WordPress and I thought the best way of learning would be by doing. My blog’s first incarnation was as a cat blog, but I soon struggled for content even though my cats are the best cats in the world! I realised that if I wanted to do blogging for more than just sharing pictures of my cats I needed a new niche. As I had been through debt and felt I had a story to tell, I decided to look into personal finance blogs.

Savvy in Somerset

Fiona from Savvy in Somerset is someone else I now consider to be a friend. She has way exceeded me in success, even with taking time out to have a baby, but she is always more than happy to help me out and give me top tips and suggestions. On her blog, she shares a lot about saving money, with a focus on grocery shopping and meal planning. She is brilliant at this as she used to be a chef so her savvy recipes are amazing! If sweet treats are your thing – check out her post about making home-made Dominos style cookies!

Ruth Makes Money

Ruth from Ruth Makes Money gave up her full-time job 8 years ago and works primarily as a freelance writer. She has now started blogging and shares all her top tips for become a full-time freelancer. She also shares about other ways of making money from side hustles including matched betting through to reselling. She also now has a very successful writing course if that is your thing. Now she has been blogging for a year she uses her experience to help others too! She has been featured in the national press and now runs several successful blogs.

My Money Cottage

Clare from My Money Cottage combines being a personal finance blogger with being a mum. Unlike singletons like me, her content has a real family feel and has lots of content about saving money as a family by doing things like meal planning and discounts on family days out. She has an awesome post about 101 side hustles for those “I need money” moments which we are all too familiar with! She works on her blog around work and family commitments, and also works on other successful blogs and websites.

The Money Fox (previously From Pennies to Pounds)

Fran from The Money Fox (previously From Pennies to Pounds) shares all things personal finance, from dealing with your finances when becoming a single parent, through to making extra money by dog sitting.

Debt Camel

Sara from Debt Camel is a go to for all things debt related. Whilst I’ve been through debt, Sara knows it from a practical view point, working as a Citizens Advise adviser and being a member of the Institute of Money Advisers. She also has the Certificate in Money Advice Practice so what she doesn’t know about money and debt is frankly not worth knowing! She kindly agreed to be interviewed for my blog and you can find out more about her here

Be Clever With Your Cash

Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash is now a regular on TV’s “Shop Smart, Save Money” on Channel 5. He is great at finding ways of saving money and deals. Check him out on TV or via his blog.

Jordon Cox

Jordan from Jordon Cox (AKA The Coupon Kid) blogs about all ways of saving money. He has travelled around using discounts and deals and shares all his top tips, as well as being very open and encouraging about his health issues. A real inspiration of a blog!

Emma Drew

Emma shares about all things money making and saving, from selling your smelly shoes on eBay to people of a certain persuasion, right through to becoming your own boss by blogging and saving money! I would definitely recommend checking out her website and her Facebook groups. She not only works full time for herself, but her husband works for her too and they’ve just taken on their first full time member of staff – if that’s not enough success for you I don’t know what is! I even had a chance to interview her about her success.

Much More With Less

Faith from Much More With Less writes about anything and everything to do with getting more out of your money. She has sections on food, flowers, family, fitness and finance, so there is bound to be some great content there for you.

Pounds and Sense

Nick from Pounds and Sense shares content about all things personal finance but from the perspective of a 50+ person. In particular there’s some great content about pensions and benefits, and other things which other personal finance blogs aimed at a younger audience may not have even considered. He kindly wrote a post for me about how you can use your spare room to make money.

The Grumpy Git

Apart from having one of the best named blogs out there, Scott Dixon from The Grumpy Git writes about a selection of things, however his background is in travel blogging and reviews, and he has books published in the complaining and customer service niches, and sees himself as a consumer champion!

Katie Saves

Katie Saves was set up by Katie whilst on maternity leave. She documents all things relating to maternity, including SMP, and how to make your money go further. Now back in work, she still lives frugally, makes extra money with side hustles and budgets like a boss!

The Financial Wilderness

Dan from The Financial Wilderness has worked in various roles within banking and finance. He agrees with me that financial education is seriously lacking, and started his blog in response to questions he was regularly being asked. He works on the basis of financial optimisation, but breaks it down so its understandable and accessible.

Student Cash Flow

Student Cash Flow is a newly relaunched site focusing on finances with a student angle. Covering everything from how to find and get the best student discounts through to careers tips and advice to improve your finances in the long term, the team are covering anything and everything they can to make financial education more accessible to a younger audience.

To find out more about UK based Money Blogs and the great bloggers that are behind the sites, visit the UK Money Bloggers website.

a list of uk finance blogs

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  • Thank you for this! I’ve checked out all these blogs and they are all pretty good. Just to add on to this, there’s a new site called Referral Codes which focuses on sharing referrals to your friends and family. I have found them pretty good myself.

  • I really appreciate Much More With Less. Faith has really helped me and my family save money over the years. I’ll have to check out some of the others on this list. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • These are great blogs for someone who wants to learn more about handling their money. Thanks for sharing them all.

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