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A lot of us are staying at home more than ever in the modern age, with the numbers of people working from home increasing, chances to socialise are also becoming fewer.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you may be looking for activities that you can carry out indoors. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways you can have fun, and even learn something in the process. Virtual coffee tours have become a popular way to enjoy your favourite drinks, or even learn a little about the industry.

There are a few types of coffee tours that you can enjoy depending on what you are into. You may do them on your own, or you and your friends may grab your coffee sets and enjoy the drinks together while going on a virtual tour of coffee locations.

Virtual Tours of Coffee Farms

Coffee farms have started to offer digital experiences such as virtual tours. This can be a whistlestop tour through farms, and you can learn the process of coffee growth from seed, to when it is shipped to the UK, usually as a green bean.

A lot of these tours let you interact with the growers, too. You can ask your questions about the farming process. Many people don’t realise just how long the process is, and how much goes into making the drink we all love.

Cafe de Monteverde is one of the farms that allows you to see behind the scenes. Their virtual tours are fun and engaging, and because the brand roasts, too, you can learn even more about the coffee preparation.

Some huge brands have also created incredible tours. Google Cardboard teamed up with Nescafé to provide a 360 degree angle tour of a coffee farm harvesting cherries. The farm itself is a prolific Brazilian grower. This is an eye-opening video, and if you have any interest in the coffee industry it is well worth watching, to see it in such an immersive way is really quite impressive.

Virtual Tours of Coffee Locations

There are many ways to see how coffee lovers all over the world enjoy their favorite cup. This incredible YouTube collaboration shows how some of the most prolific and famous coffee YouTubers get their hands on a delicious coffee.

If you are on your own and you are looking to while away the hours whilst learning more about coffee. The Global Coffee Festival YouTube channel is full of video tours of cities, and the best spots in those cities to enjoy a cup of coffee. Okay, it’s not the same as enjoying a tour of a farm, but you can quickly and easily flick a switch and imagine yourself sipping a coffee in Rome or San Francisco.

As you can probably guess, there are also ways in which you can virtually explore coffee farms via videos, too. Check out this stunning tour of a Colombian coffee farm.

Coffee YouTubers have become really popular in recent years. People are fanatical about the way that they prepare their coffee and where they source beans. This also means there is plenty of content on the internet showing you every aspect of the coffee industry.

Virtual Coffee Tastings

This is one of the best ways to enjoy new types of coffee if you are holding an event with your friends. Why not enjoy both a coffee “tour” through the regions where coffee is grown in Latin America and beyond, while enjoying tasters from those same regions? For instance, you can buy a beautiful Honduran coffee and enjoy video tours of the location. Sometimes, even checking out the regions where coffee is grown on Google Earth can be an amazing way to see new parts of the world and develop an understanding of where coffee comes from.

YouTube videos might not sound like the most exciting accompaniment to your coffee, but they really can be. This is aided by the fact that some of the locations where coffee is grown are truly stunning. Check out the Jamaican Blue Mountains where some of the most expensive coffee in the world comes from.

A virtual coffee tasting is a great way to visit anywhere in the “coffee belt” and see the differences for coffee grown all over the world. Undeniably, there are some immense differences between the way coffee grows in Africa, South America, or even the more unusual locations (did you know there are coffee farms in China?)


We’d all love to jump on a plane and visit some coffee farms, or even go on a tour of the best coffee shops in a city or country, but sometimes we’re stuck in the rain with not many options for how we can get our coffee fix. Ordering some coffee sets from around the world and enjoying some incredible videos can even give you an exciting new insight that you may not otherwise experience.

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