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Have you considered diversifying your post-retirement income? Are you keen on exploring precious metal investments? If so, you are highly recommended to place your trust in the hands of precious metal experts like those in Augusta. 

This company is characterized by uniqueness in its approach to clients, reasonable fees, and assistance in every single step of the journey. The investment process is streamlined to make the procedure easier for everyone. 

If you are considering an investment, read below about the pros and cons of Augusta. 

Pros and cons

Augusta stands out from the rest of the gold companies for its superior knowledge and experience in precious metals. It specializes in gold IRAs, which benefits investors specifically interested in investing in this asset. This company features total transparency by posting all the necessary information on its website for customers to explore. 

Moreover, these professionals are always available when it comes to answering questions and updating the transaction status of clients continuously. No hidden fees are charged, which isn’t the case with most of the other companies in this industry. Consequently, it’s no wonder it has been voted the most trusted US precious metal dealer. 

Another advantage of teaming up with Augusta is the generous time amount and attention it provides to customers. There is a myriad of five-star Augusta Precious Metals (APM) Reviews that investors can find online. A personal agent is assigned to each client, whereas the entire team does almost all the legwork required to set up an account. No complaints are filed against it at the BBB, which speaks volumes about their devotion to customers. 

Additionally, Augusta’s agents are equipped with the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist investors in building precious metal portfolios. The team of economic analysts is led by an economist with Harvard training. Their assistance is available to clients during the entire lifespan of their accounts. Investors are served with genuine integrity and transparency. 

In a nutshell, Augusta provides superior customer service, a transparent process, and excellent prices. Fees for new customers can be waived for up to ten years. Also, new clients are offered free one-on-one webinar, which educates them on the benefits of gold IRAs. 

Probably the only con of choosing Augusta is the minimum investment requirement of $50,000. Hence, potential investors need to have at least $50,000 in their savings accounts. Nevertheless, not all individuals can afford to invest such a large sum of money. 

Who can benefit from investing in Augusta?

Individuals interested in using physical gold and silver to grow their retirement savings or protect their portfolios stand to gain from investing in Augusta. Nevertheless, as mentioned already, the company can only help customers who have a minimum of $50,000 in their existing retirement accounts. Click here to see the ultimate retirement planning guide for 2022. 

Another reason why anyone can benefit from investing in this company is the use of a multitude of educational materials available to clients. The one-on-one webinar, mentioned previously, provides helpful information to potential clients, which they can study a bit before making a purchase. It’s important for the decision you make to be informed. 

Investors are offered various online resources that prove handy in the management of their investments. These resources include educative videos, current market news, calculators, and price charts showing the prices of precious metals. Augusta has partnered with the Royal Canadian Mint for the purpose of introducing Americans to coins with higher purity at lower prices compared to other mints. 

Furthermore, this reputable company provides transit insurance and free shipping to clients. Even though it says that buybacks aren’t guaranteed, Augusta hasn’t declined a buyback until now. This is good news for any investor with the intention to liquidate his/her account at a certain point in the future. 

Another beneficial feature provided by Augusta is the online chat, which connects consumers to company agents instantly. Other advantages of becoming a partner with this company are fast shipping and a money-back guarantee. 

Lifelong customer support 

Since lifelong customer support is probably the best quality of Augusta, investors should learn more about it. From the moment of becoming their client, you won’t have to worry about opening an account, making investment decisions, and handling the paperwork. Each department plays a distinctive role in the process. Follow this URL,, to get to know the benefits of delivering excellent customer service.

For instance, agents are special individuals assigned to clients to provide a response to all their questions. Their job is to also connect customers to the department they need whenever necessary. The department of analytics keeps individuals informed about the market on the phone or via webchat. The team responsible will help you understand the risks involved and point you in the right direction. 

The IRA department is in charge of handling all the paperwork on behalf of clients. In contrast, the order desk provides assistance whenever you need to invest in more assets. By contacting each of these departments, you can get all the information you need. For instance, by emailing or calling your agent, you will receive a response to all questions regarding precious metals. 

Augusta agents also offer economic updates and recaps. The IRA department explains everything you need to know about fees, paperwork, and the steps for processing your account. Regarding the fees, Augusta requires investors to pay $50 for account setup, $80 for maintenance on an annual basis, and $100 for asset storage. When wishing to purchase more gold and silver, the order desk is the right department to contact. 

The thing that makes Augusta different from the rest of the competitors is the assistance clients get every step of the way. Their customer service agents are always willing to lend you a hand and respect all clients equally. 

The bottom line

If you are a retiree, you will find the above-mentioned information useful.

This company takes care of almost everything for you while maintaining complete transparency and low fees!

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