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Life throws curveballs, and we are all hit one time or another. It would be much better if we did not have to handle emergencies from time to time, especially cost-intensive or life-threatening ones. The truth is that we must all go through some storms, and it helps if we are prepared to handle them before they hit us.

The good news is that working with the right insurer keeps us ahead of the game. We do not have to shell out money to cover the cost of these emergencies straight from our pockets. Also, we do not have to deal directly with insurers; that is the job of an insurance agency.

What Is An Insurance Agency?

It is crucial that you do not confuse an insurance agency with an insurance company. In the sector, both work together without having a clash of duties. You can read this article to learn more about the sector.

An insurer is a carrier that writes insurance policies, takes up all the risks that come with those policies, and pays claims accruing to them if necessary. On the other hand, an agency is a company or an individual that carries the authority of an insurer to market and sell its products in exchange for a price. In other words, an insurance agent acts as a middle-man between the provider and the consumer.

How to Choose an Insurance Agency

When choosing an agency to work with, it is not the best step to go with the first one you see. Research plays a role, and it will help you learn more about different agencies. Several factors determine the direction you take.

  • Their Reputation

One of the benefits of using an independent agent is that you can access products from different companies. If you use just one insurer, it may not cover all your needs. So, you may find yourself looking for other companies to meet those additional needs.

However, the products on offer from an agency should not be the sole determining factor. It is crucial to consider its reputation, and one way to know that is to check how long it has been in the business. Length of time in any industry usually equals experience and, consequently, reliability.

For instance, if you need a Virginia Beach insurance agency, you will find many with claims of being in the business for a long time. But detailed research may reveal that only a few of them have the required length of time and experience you need.

  • Coverage

As mentioned above, one factor determining which agency you choose is the coverage. One may offer only commercial insurance services, while another provides coverage for most areas of both commercial and residential services. 

It would be a waste of time to settle for an agency that does not give you all you need, and you end up looking for another one to make up for the deficit. That means such an agency will work with more than one insurer. That way, it is sure to touch on different needs and have a widespread reach.

  • Cost

The price you pay for insurance cover plays a vital role in the services you get. In the event of an accident or need to lay claims, you may find that there is not as much coverage as you would need. An agency may ask for more money because of the services you choose. The cost will vary from one company to another.

This is a point that good agents make clear before you commit, but it also has a lot to do with the companies they cover. Furthermore, the less coverage you have, the more money you have to shell out of pocket.

  • Discounts

One insurance agency may offer better discounts than others, even though discounts should not play a primary role in whether or not you choose a company. While you may be looking to save a few dollars, remember that life and comfort may depend on the scope of coverage you choose. Therefore, scrimping should not be a vital concern.

However, some agencies work with companies with discounts on financial stability, protective devices, and families with more than one car. If your needs are beyond the basics, you may need the discounts.

  • Accessibility

Ranking high on factors to consider is accessibility and how easy it is to do business with them. There should be an open line of communication round the clock for customers to reach agents at any time for inquiries.

Check for phone numbers, email addresses, and even social media handles. Also, find out if there is a way to report losses and make claims online. And if there are changes in the policies, you should be one of the first to know.

There is a difference between an independent agent and an exclusive/captive agent. An independent agent works for a company that covers several carriers. But an exclusive agent usually works for a specific insurer. You will find out more about the difference here: if you make out a few minutes to read the article.


When you set out to pick a Virginia Beach insurance agency, you should keep in mind that there are many services to consider. If you are an individual, choosing an agency with coverage for only a few things may not be ideal. 

Even if you do not need all the services they offer at the moment, it is best to use one with extensive coverage so that you can add more services in the future if necessary instead of having to use another agency.

Consider the agency services, reputation, years of experience, accessibility, discounts, and coverage. No one factor trumps the other, and together, they make for the best agency.

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