Budgeting for beginners

    Budgeting does need to be scary or hard. A budget is a plan created to manage your money. It should cover any income, as well as any outgoings. This will include regular payments such as bills, as well as payments to your savings and other non-essential purchases.

    A budget can be created on a … Read the rest

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    5 Top Tips for Staying on top of Your Taxes

    It’s important to be on top of your tax affairs. The authorities have a reputation for being rather ruthless with those who don’t pay, however, this is somewhat unfair representation. If you are honest and have any trouble you will find that, in most cases, you will be able to discuss it with them, and … Read the rest

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    Best way to invest 10k short term

    I’m often asked about investment opportunities, however I am not a financial adviser and so I cannot give this kind of advice. What I can do however is tell you what I would do if I had some money and wanted to find the best way to invest 10k short term.

    No Risk Option

    My … Read the rest

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    Making Money in Games

    I’m always writing about making money in the “real world” but I am not foolish enough to think that this is a priority for everyone. Even if it is a priority, you are still allowed hobbies and downtime, and I know that in 2020, gaming is more popular than ever due to the fact that … Read the rest

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