Best way to invest 10k short term

    I’m often asked about investment opportunities, however I am not a financial adviser and so I cannot give this kind of advice. What I can do however is tell you what I would do if I had some money and wanted to find the best way to invest 10k short term.

    No Risk Option

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    Making Money in Games

    I’m always writing about making money in the “real world” but I am not foolish enough to think that this is a priority for everyone. Even if it is a priority, you are still allowed hobbies and downtime, and I know that in 2020, gaming is more popular than ever due to the fact that … Read the rest

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    Studying in a pandemic

    In an unprecedented move, schools and colleges have been shut to a majority of students for several months now. Children who are classed as “in need” by their local authorities will have been attending, as have children of key worker parents. For the majority of our learners, from nursery, right the way through primary, secondary, … Read the rest

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