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Receipt Hog – 2020 Update

Unfortunately Receipt Hog is going to be closing later this month, if you have credit remaining, you should try to get to cash out as soon as possible. At this time, Shoppix and Storewards are very much still up and running!

Snapping Receipts

One of my favourite ways which can make you a bit of extra money but with minimal effort is taking pictures of your receipts! There is one particular app which I use in which is Shoppix. Have a look in the App Store or Google Play and download the version for your operating system ASAP. A new one I have only recently downloaded is called Storewards – and you can gain extra points if you use my referral code – geh5r when you sign up!

How do they work?

In short, you use your phone’s camera to take pictures and upload your receipts to the apps. You are then rewarded with coins/tokens, which after building up, you can then exchange for cash or shopping vouchers. They both have slightly different criteria, and rewards systems, but what I tend to do is do my receipts at the end of each day if I have any, (as you get extras in Shoppix if you upload the receipts on the day of purchase). Depending on how many receipts you have will affect how long it takes, but it is a really quick process in each appt. Taking pictures of your receipts is not going to make you rich overnight, but it does add up, particularly if you have a large household and lots of regular purchases. Shoppix also seems to on the whole build up a lot quicker than Receipt Hog used to, but as I have only recently downloaded Storewards I can’t give you much information about that one yet, but it is worth using them both as you can use the same receipts for both. Once I have used Storewards for a bit longer I will update the post.

The apps work as the data is anonymised and used as part of market research, so the owners of the app are paid for the anonymised data, and they use that to pay you.

Shoppix Review

shoppix logo

Shoppix rewards you 25 tokens per accepted receipt, with an additional 5 added if you upload your receipt the same day of purchase (hence why I try to do all my receipts each day). All receipts need to be snapped within a week or purchase, so those ones at the bottom of your handbag won’t count I’m afraid! Sometimes you may be offered additional surveys where you can earn extra tokens, or even a scratchcard where you can win extra tokens as well. There are also prize draws where you can win big bonus amounts, but I’ve not won any of them yet!

shoppix prize draws

You need a minimum of 3200 tokens to cash out, and the options are Amazon vouchers, iTunes vouchers, Love2Shop vouchers or a PayPal transfer. I currently have a £10 voucher waiting for cashout, but the more you earn, the less tokens per pounds you need to cash out, so I am saving them up and aiming to get to 11500 tokens which will get me £20 before my holiday!

shoppix token cashout amounts

Storewards Review

storewards logo

Storewards awards you 10,000 points on joining using a referral code (mine is geh5r) and then you already half way to your payout as you only need 20,000 for a £2 Amazon voucher. I will also get 1,000 if you use my code (thank you) and you can then earn extra points by referring your friends too simply by sharing your personalised referral code.

Like Shoppix, you earn coins for every acceptable receipt you “snap” and once you build up enough credit you can withdraw them in the form of Amazon Vouchers or PayPal cash. You earn 600 coins for every receipt you snap, and as well as referring friends, you can earn daily bonuses just by going in to the app every day.

As you snap more receipts, you can “level-up” and then each time you reach a new level you will get a bonus too.

Receipt Hog Review

I really enjoyed using Receipt Hog, but unfortunately it is closing in September 2020 and is not accepting new signups. If you have credit in there, you should try and get to cash out level as soon as is possible.


This might all sound really confusing, but ultimately all you need to do is snap your receipts as regularly as possible and reap the rewards. You may be prompted for surveys and other things as and when you need to do them, but both the apps are really user friendly and intuitive to use. There is also functionality to include long receipts so don’t panic if you can’t get the whole receipt in one picture, as well as being able to take pictures of double sided receipts like those at Sainsburys. You can’t use the same receipt on multiple accounts (eg if you and a partner both have an account) but up to the limit of 5 receipts a day, you could snap receipts from your household.

I have not been using them much this year as I have mainly been getting my shopping delivered but as I get back to going out for more of my shopping I will definitely be using them more. I tend to leave the coins and credits building up and put them towards a larger cashout (unless I need the money sooner) and then you can either put it towards a treat for yourself, or even towards birthday or Christmas shopping.

Get a double whammy of rewards by using your receipts in both apps, or get a triple whammy by using receipts from your mystery shopping as well!

3 Replies to “Shoppix and Storewards – Make money with your receipts”

  • HI, Vicky, Great post. I haven’t tried Shoppix as there was a bit of a waiting list when I initially applied last year. I have used receipt hog quite a bit. My only issue is that I do occasionally for more than a week at a time forget to do it. Because it is such a simple task I forget and to be honest haven’t done it for a while now. It is a great way of making a little extra though.

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