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Bikes are presents that continue to provide fun for years to come. Whether you want a bike for Christmas or are planning to buy a bike as a surprise gift, you should ask yourself what type of bike you would want to receive as a gift. Cycling is great exercise and can serve as an alternate mode of transportation, especially if you pick an electric bike. Here are a few tips to help you decide between a beach cruiser, commuter bike, hybrid bike or adult tricycle with or without a motor.

Resarching The Perfect Bike

You should do a little research into the design and intended use of the bike you want as a gift. Beach cruisers are comfortable builds that provide a smooth ride at slower speeds than commuter or hybrid bicycles. All of these bikes are suitable for riding on roads and paved surfaces. Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are designed to ride off road. 

A little more research is helpful when you want to buy electric bicycle. E-bikes are available with 250W or 500W batteries and electric motors. A 250W model has a top speed of 24 miles per hour with pedal assistance and 15 mph full electric. A 500W model tops out at 28 mph on pedal assist and 20 mph full electric. The range of a 250W bike is up to 30 miles with pedal assistance, while a 500W model has a range of up to 40 miles in the same mode.

Dear Santa: Have I Been Good This Year?

When you want to treat yourself, there are many ways to upgrade a women’s cruiser bike. Consider a model with more speeds or a 250W or 500W e-bike. Choose your favorite colorway and customization options such as cargo solutions and accessories.

When you are considering which bike you want as a gift, you may get ideas for presents. Bikes are great mutual gifts, as riding can be a great way to spend time together.

Get Ready To Ride

The effort you put into selecting the right bike to get or give as a gift will pay off when it is time to go for a spin. Considering the routes you want to ride on a bike can help you determine whether a beach cruiser, comfort bike or hybrid bike is the best choice.

If you are buying an e-bike, consider whether you want a model with an integrated, internal battery or an interchangeable external battery. Models with replaceable batteries make it possible to extend your electric range with a backup battery.

Thinking of a bike you would want as a present is a good place to start when receiving or giving a bike as a gift, particularly if you already go on rides with an intended recipient or plan to start riding together. Knowing the type of bike or e-bike you want can make it easier for you to purchase a bike with a gift card or for someone to buy you a bike as a gift.

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