cheap flights

How to get cheap flights

I don’t really like paying full price for anything unless I really have to. Pretty much every purchase I make is however contributing towards savings on my next holiday. How? I make sure I get cheap flights! Supermarket reward cards are the best for this. I buy the vast majority of my grocery shopping and … Read the rest

london on a budget

London on a budget

London is my home but it is not cheap. Here are my top tips for things to do and see on a budget! I particularly love the amount of things that you can do for free.


Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria & Albert and the British Museum to name but just a few … Read the rest

new york on a budget

New York on a budget

New York is my favourite place on planet Earth! There is just something about it and I love it so much. I went once to “get it out my system” but fell in love instead. I’ve been back on two more subsequent trips but involves a lot of planning saving between trips. New York City, … Read the rest