How to do Slimming World on a budget

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Slimming World is one of the most popular diet or lifestyle plans not only in the UK, but also in the world. There are so many reasons why it is so great, and so I am going to share with you just a few:

  • You can do it online to fit around your schedule – as long as you have internet access and access to some scales
  • You can attend a group for face to face support if that’s more the approach you need
  • There are millions of recipes available online, not just through the Slimming World website, but through online communities and bloggers such as Slimming Violet or Mind Over Munching, so no matter if you have dietary requirements, or are just a fussy eater, there’s still plenty of choice for you
  • The recipes are delicious and healthy – so no need to cook different food for different members of the household – they will probably not even realise they are eating Slimming World food unless you tell them
  • You don’t have to live on fresh air and vegetables!
  • There’s no meal replacement products, shakes or starving yourself
  • You can do Slimming World on a budget
  • Not quite so budget friendly, but for emergencies or convenience, there is a full range of Slimming World ready meals available at Iceland. These are all syn free and can be a lifesaver for those days when you run out of time. They also sell a range of syn free products such as sausages and kebabs to quickly help you bulk up your meals syn free.

slimming world in a budget is easy and fun, and you won't go hungry

Slimming World on a budget

There are so many ways to save money on your groceries which of course apply when doing Slimming World on a budget – and here I will share my favourite tips for you!

  • Once you’ve made the decision to join Slimming World, have a look online or in magazines and see if there are any joining offers available. These pop up several times throughout the year and can save you the joining or sometimes even the first week’s fee as well. A countdown (where you prepay for 6 or 12 weeks) will also be cheaper than paying every week so if you are committed, it might be worth considering getting one of those.
  • So many of the recipes that I cook when I’ve done Slimming World, have consisted of just a few basic ingredients. Personally I tend to shop at Aldi as I find it is a lot more affordable than some of the other big grocery stores, and this is my first tip to save money – shop around and shop smart.
  • Meal planning is the key to your success and keeping you to your budget. As I live on my own, I tend to bulk cook and keep portions of syn free meals in the freezer ready for those days when I don’t want to cook from scratch. Recipes that require being cooked fresh I tend to keep for weekends or when I have a bit more time.
  • Yellow stickers are your best friend. Here’s a great article from my friend Savvy in Somerset about 10 misconceptions about yellow sticker food. These principles apply to all groceries, not just if you are doing Slimming World or another lifestyle or diet plan. They really can save you a small fortune on food, and if you are meal planning and freezing portions anyway, then the food doesn’t need to get used right away.
  • Growing your own vegetables is not a step I’ve personally taken – but I know some people who do and as they love gardening and growing things, the added savings that it makes to their budget are just bonuses.

My favourite Slimming World recipes

If I was to write about all my favourite Slimming World meals I’ve tried, this post would go on for days. Instead, I’m just going to tell you briefly about three quick and easy meals that have become my staple.

Chicken breast pizza

Take a chicken breast and either butterfly it or beat it with a meat tenderiser. Dry fry it so the chicken is cooked through, then use tomato puree or passata to cover it on one side. Use your Healthy Extra allowance of cheese on top (or syn it if you have already had your dairy for the day). You can also add some other free vegetables or toppings – I personally like bacon or ham with some sweetcorn. Put in the oven for 10-15 mins until the cheese is all melted and golden and serve with a portion of vegetables. I personally find that passata or tomato puree is too tomatoey for me, so I batch cook sauce made up of passata but “watered down” with stock, and with added garlic and dry fried onions in it. I freeze it in little portions so I have just enough if I want this for my dinner. In the portion below I had two chicken breasts and then had an extra portion of cheese (either your second HE portion or syn it) but it was way too much for me and I ended up saving half for the next day!

my favourite slimming world on a budget meal

Cheese Sauce

As you may have already guessed, I love cheese and anything cheesy. One of my favourite meals is to make a syn free cheese sauce. I use one egg per tub of quark. You mix them up, I use a hand whisk, and heat slowly in a saucepan over a low heat, continually stirring and mixing. I then serve it with some pasta. By adding bacon or ham you have your own syn free carbonara. You can also use this sauce as a basis for lasagne or anything else which requires a cheesy sauce.

syn free cheese sauce is a staple of mine on slimming world on a budget

Diet Coke Gammon

Diet Coke and Gammon are two of my favourite things in the world. I know a lot of people who say to boil a gammon joint before cooking it through, but I never bother. I basically put small gammon joints in the slow cooker and tip in Diet Coke. It makes the gammon soft and juicy and gives it an almost sweet flavour, but without syns or sugar. You can serve this with vegetables of your choice for another syn free meal. This totally works for other meats too – in particular chicken breasts.

diet coke gammon or chicken is a great recipe when doing slimming world in a budget

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