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With Christmas rapidly approaching, and limited availability to get to the shops, the internet has yet again become my best friend. I have relied on internet shopping a lot this year for obvious reasons, and even more than usual.

Whoever you are buying for this Christmas, it is nice to find unusual gifts which the recipients may not have seen before. I personally love trying to get a mixture of gifts for my recipients. T-Shirts are always a popular gift amongst my friends and family. Whether you want to buy them something personalised, or whether you want to buy something more generic, there is bound to be something suitable.

For example for a crazy cat lady like me there is this:

I know plenty of people who would love to be a superhero so a Superman or similar t-shirt would be a popular gift as well.

From popular culture you could consider celebrity t-shirts, slogan t-shirts or even Star Trek t-shirts. If your recipient isn’t a big fan of the traditional t-shirt, then you could always consider a long sleeve t-shirt or even a tank top.

Why t-shirts as a gift?

Whether you are buying for men or women, t-shirts are a popular choice, as they are worn by many people a lot of the time. I for one have wear them a lot, and even more so this year. They are suitable for exercise, chilling, and can even be dressed up with a nice jacket or accessories. Whether the recipient is in to slogans, art work, or just funky prints, there really is endless amount of choice.

When you shop at high street stores or even large international websites such as Amazon, you are more likely to have a gift duplicated, using a smaller website or local business means that you are more likely to be able to find something unusual and which the recipient won’t have seen before. In my experience, these kinds of gifts are usually received much better and positively.

In 2020 more than ever it is important to support local and small businesses. Covid has hit all businesses hard, but those “non-essential” retailers have really struggled. Those without an internet presence have had to completely change their methods of doing business in order to even have a chance to survive this year. They may have had to take on the services of couriers or postal services. They will also have had to factored in sourcing and acquiring postage materials. Those that already offered sales online have had to adjust the way they advertise and even package and dispatch items. Courier services have definitely done well out of this year! I know it is easy and convenient to go to your established retailer (online or in person) that you already know and perhaps are even a customer of, but at these tricky times, just taking an extra few minutes to source that gift could help make or break someone’s business.

Helping local businesses can also help you inadvertently too. By helping a local business, you are supporting your local community and the local economy. They are also more likely to be able to offer sustainable options, and will generally prioritise their customers more than the large brands who will see you as a drop in the ocean of their income. You will probably end up having a much better experience as they will want to receive good reviews on sites such as Trustpilot or Google Reviews, and hope that if you are happy you will pass the word on or even share their details on social media.

Not sure about t-shirts as a gift? There are plenty of other apparel related gifts you could choose for your friends and family. In particular I like bespoke or personalised items. I’ve seen personalised hats, scarves, patches which can go on any item of clothing and more. Some of the more popular items this year are bespoke face masks (needed when you leave the house), sweatshirts (a perfect addition to your working from home lounge wear collection) and even matching items for the whole family.

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