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I love freebies – and who wouldn’t? Why would you pay for stuff if you don’t need to? There are various reasons companies offer freebies, and one of the most common is to offer a freebie or sample in exchange for feedback or a review of the product. This may be because the product is still in development, or it might be an established product that the manufacturers want some feedback on in order to improve it.

Home Tester Club

For freebies like this, the best place to visit is Home Tester Club. It is free to join up, and you can start providing product reviews straight away. You will need to fill out a variety of questionnaires as part of the sign up (for example do you have pets, which is important as you won’t be able to review pet products if you don’t have any). This is key to make sure you are eligibile to review any of the products that need testing.

By completing product tests and reviews you can earn points, but I will be honest and say I do not know what the relevance of these is. Some reviews of the site on other review platforms seem to imply the points are a waste of time. If I find anything out to the contrary I will of course let you know by updating the post.

home tester club dashboard

I only use the site to apply for product tests, and I am not bothered about the points. Not long after joining I did recieve my first home test. A lot of people online are complaining that they have applied for loads of things and never received anything. I cannot provide an answer for that, however you can see from the image above that I have received one home test, so I can confirm that the site is legit and you can get freebies via this site. Unfortunately, in my case, it was not anything exciting or expensive, it was a tub of Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds!

After receiving the item in the post, you are sent email reminders to log in and provide your product review. The website is simple to navigate and use. at any point you can and see if there are any more products you are eligible to test.

In their FAQ page they say that they host regular competitions on the site and across social media. I have not seen any though, and again, I am only suggesting you use the site to apply for freebies.

Other ways to get freebies

Latest Free Stuff

Pop on over to Latest Free Stuff and sign up for their great deals and freebies notifications. They even have an app now.

I cannot tell you how many amazing freebies and bargains I’ve had from this site.  I’ve had cheap DVDs from a glitch alert (which I then sold at a profit), free chocolate and free carpet and wallpaper samples which were amazing for when I was moving house. There are loads of different categories and it’s updated daily (hence why they’ve introduced the app)! I cannot recommend this site enough!

The Facebook group is also a great community for other like minded bargain hunters.

Meerkat Movies

Want 2 for 1 on cinema tickets but without having to spend a fortune or sign up to loyalty programmes? Find out all about this easy hack to get Meerkat Movies for only a few pounds by clicking here! 

O2 Priority

I’m not with O2 but there is a way to get O2 Priority and all the benefits it brings no matter what your network! Find out how here! 

What are your favourite ways of getting free stuff? Let us know in the comments below.

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