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Regular readers of my blog will know I’m all about saving money. This doesn’t mean I don’t spend money or enjoy myself, but it does mean I shop around and make informed decisions about things which will impact my finances.

My mobile phone, and in particular my data, is one thing that I am not prepared to scrimp on. Whether I’m browsing social media, using my phone as a sat nav or looking things up online, I get through a reasonable amount of data each month and therefore that is a key consideration when renewing any phone deal.

I usually upgrade every two years and take out a new deal with a provider which covers the cost of the phone in my monthly payments over the two years, but my phone contract expires in September and I am currently looking at sim only deals, and using a comparison site like this will definitely help.

I love my phone, but do I really need to upgrade? Especially when mine is in good working order, and by keeping my phone and switching to a sim only deal I could be saving myself a small fortune? I’ve definitely become more money aware since I went through debt management and again when I relocated two years ago. I have a strict budget and have to be that bit more accountable to myself about my finances.

sim only

By using a comparison site, you can filter down the options to the things that are important to you – whether that’s unlimited data, unlimited texts or a particular network as you know you have good reception at home.

Why Sim only deals are great!

If you have a phone that works, then they can be a great way of cutting down your monthly costs. As long as your phone is unlocked to any network you also get a whole load more choice with regards to tariffs. Shorter contracts are also now open to you as well. The only real reason I wouldn’t recommend a sim only deal is if your phone is knackered or you want a new top of the range phone. In these cases they probably aren’t right for you, but if you can’t commit to a long contract, or are not sure about a provider, a short contract with a sim only deal can be the perfect option.

If like me, you’ve struggled with your credit, a sim only PAYG (pay as you go) deal may also be a great option for you. There are no credit checks, and you are only paying for what you use (which sometimes can make it even cheaper for you).

Currently at the moment the deal which looks best for me is unlimited data, texts and minutes on 3 for only £20 a month, however that is for a 12 month contract! I am paying more than double that at the moment for less data – because of the fact that I am paying off the price of my phone in my monthly payments. If I didn’t want to be tied into a contract, I could get the same deal for only £24 a month – which might be something to consider if you think you might want to upgrade within the year!

Anyway I have some serious number crunching and decisions to make before my upgrade date, but I think I know what I will be doing!

Don’t forget you can get all the perks of O2 Priority without being an O2 customer – check out this post for details.

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